The first Barbie team:

Ivan Sherlock — it was him finding all the photos, infiltrated the closed devotee communities. It was him finding complete videos with Barbie.

Nikita Ryazansky — was engaged in translations, letters to all organizations were written with his help. Later he moved to the second line-up, but he did not stay there for a long time, unfortunately. This is the guy finding Rounds and writing to him, one could say, he was one of those to lay the foundation for everything.

Roman Komkov — to me, the most incomprehensible person in the entire investigation: he suddenly appeared, helped with translations and helped putting podcasts together , and then, just as suddenly, disappeared.

Also took part: N00bcore, Red Pepal, Vovan.

The second Barbie team (partially merged with first at the end of the investigation):

Alyona Golub — my sunny deputy, half of the podcasts of 2018-2019 as well as the lion’s share of letters and translations put together were on her shoulders.

Gus Rozovy — doing translations, writing letters.

Charlotte Kings — our Brazilian helper, also writing letters and doing translations. She was the one who found Tamara’s comment on a Spanish YouTube channel. Thank you very much for your help, honey :3

Nikita Meleshkin — help with translations.

Albert Vishnyakov — translations.

Varvara Proskurina — one of the new team members, who, unfortunately, arrived at the very end. I’m sorry, I’m sure she could have done a lot more useful work for our cause.

Daria Ariran — translations, lots of help in the beginning.

Polina Zvezdochkina – she joined us at the very end of the investigation, helped us more than once with translations (2017-2019 podcasts in English – her work).

A special thanks to Andrey Anonov — without him, second team wouldn’t have gathered and there would be no work done at all.