T. was born on 1966.
On 1970, Barbie goes to the local secondary school, where she successfully studies until December 1979/early 1980. Later an incident already known to us with the washing machine takes place, dividing her life to «before» and «after»…
No matter what, however, T. returned to school in early 1980 and successfully graduated from high school in 1984, as evidenced by the yearbook. Around the same time her parents get divorced, because her father is unable to bear the burden of a disabled daughter.

On 1986, she married. They both were 19 years old.
In 1988, T. somehow learns about the existence of “Ampix” magazine and the possibility of becoming a handicapped model. After this, a photosession, already known to us, was filmed. I can assume that the photos were taken by T. herself — they didn’t look like they were done by a professional.

In April 1989 T. gave the first interview, appearing to describe her life in detail. Unfortunately, due to the poor sound quality (I assume that the camera just had the built-in microphone on) most of the sounds are impossible to understand.
A little later, apparently, in the same 1989, another interview was recorded, this time Susan Abbott (died in the late 1990’s — early 2000’s) being the inerviewer. The quality of the image was twice as bad as the first time, sound quality also leaves much to be desired.

Moreover, T’s separation from her husband remains without time reference – they never filed for divorce.
You’d think you could be 100% sure Barbie and T. K. are the same person, but… The most important period of T’s life – 1988 – 1989 — is shrouded in mystery, for there is neither proof nor disproof of the woman’s participation in the photo array . T. herself ignores our attempts to contact her.

And that is precisely our main problem today: it’s impossible to confirm that Barbie is indeed T., because of the inability to prove T’s actually disabled.
No, we are 99% sure that Barbie = T., but we would like to eliminate this treacherous percentage of uncertainty — could it be that everything turned out too good to be true, while we’ve actually hit a dead end?..

Translated by Arseniy Tomilov, Charlotte Kings, Artem Kolchanovsky, and Polina Zvezdochkina