I’m sure, lots of you came here through the link at my VK group named “Barbie.avi — a new investigation”, where everything has started, where the whole new wave of popularity of the already forgotten creepypasta “barbie.avi” has begun, and where, finally, Barbie has been de-anonymized.
But I’m sure there’s a certain portion of people who have stumbled across this site and wondered: “Who is this Barbie? Why is there a whole site dedicated to her?”
Specially for such people, there will be three spoilers below, where you can see the search history, as well as two creepypastos:


I’m pretty sure a lot of you came here after I posted the link in my VK group, «Barbie.avi — The New Investigation», where everything had begun, where the «barbie.avi» creepypasta had been given a new wave of popularity, and where we’ve finally de-anonymized Barbie herself. However, I’m pretty sure there are people who stumbled upon this website randomly and asked:

«Who’s this Barbie? Why does she even have a whole website about herself?»

On July 14, 2009, a thread was created in the /x/ section (dedicated to paranormal activity and related topics) of 4chan (an English-language imageboard). This thread introduced a creepypasta (a story about something creepy, odd or just unusual) called «barbie.avi».

You can find this creepypasta under the first spoiler.

On August 10, 2009, three videos were uploaded on a YouTube channel «xenopasta» that was created a day earlier: «barbie.avi», «barbie.avi (part 2)», and «barbie.avi (part 4)». These videos seemed to be parts of a digitized VHS footage that contained a young female telling something to the camera.

Shortly after, a new 4chan thread with the very same «barbie.avi» creepypasta was created, but this time all the three videos were also included.

The video quality was pretty poor, and the sound you could even turn off entirely as its quality was absolutely terrible; it was nearly impossible to understand what the girl was saying.

Last of these videos, «barbie.avi (part 4)», was probably the most interesting one. The first thing is the caption «(BIID)» that would appear in the very beginning of the footage for a second. The second thing is, a viewer could at some point realize that the girl didn’t have her right arm. The audience could definitely tell that the «BIID» was Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a mental disease that would lead one to thinking part of their body is unwanted and thus having an intention of removing it.

No more information was available at a time: we didn’t know who and why has recorded this video, who is the girl, who has created the creepypasta, who is behind the «xenopasta» channel…

Later on, people would discuss these videos on various websites, sometimes taking the creepypasta into account but sometimes not. The skeptics believed the pasta, just like it often is, was fake and the video doesn’t have any criminal story behind it and is just an interview with an amputee that someone once found in the internet and decided to write a creepy story about to scare some people.

In about 2010, the second «barbie.avi» creepypasta, «The Case of sisters Noyt», originated in the internet. Since it was a long time ago, no original source for it is to be found now, however, it’s safe to say it was originally posted on some Russian website and was inspired by the original creepypasta of 2009.

You can find this creepypasta under the second spoiler.

Throughout several years users would discuss «barbie.avi»: the videos and both creepypastas. It was pretty obvious the whole thing was a fake. Attempts were made to find out who created the pastas, to find some info regarding the original video or the girl that was on it. The attempts were unsuccessful until 2016.

On September 16, 2016, a thread was created in the /sn/ section (dedicated to paranormal activity and related topics, just like /x/ on 4chan) of 2ch.hk (a Russian imageboard). The poster claimed to be an «amputee lover» who stumbled upon a video from the «barbie.avi» series that wasn’t publicly known at the moment, uploaded on a Chinese video hosting Youku.

The video was indeed an interesting find — mainly because it could actually be «barbie.avi (part 3)» as not a part of it was previously known publicly. It differed from the videos uploaded 7 years prior significantly: the video and sound quality was a lot better, though it was still really hard to understand what the girl was saying; also, no captions presented in the video (however, there was a logo of the hosting). In this video, people could also see the full picture of the girl — including a stump of the right arm. It’s worth mentioning that it wasn’t called «barbie.avi (part 3)» on the hosting page but «Tammy» instead.

The new investigation started in that thread. The investigators attempted to find the original source of all the videos and find out who was the girl that was filmed in each of them.


Hello. This thing happened to me a few months ago; I just need to share it with somebody.

It all started at my friend’s party. He’s an artist who rented out a loft in the industrial part of town. If you can picture what a place like Detroit looked like in the 1920s – that’s what this area looks like. A bunch of old turn-of-the-century factories crammed into ten blocks.

Most of them are abandoned.

So I partied a little too hard that night and decided to crash on a couch at the loft. I woke up at around 4 am, the sun wasn’t out yet but you could still make things out in the dim blue light. I went to the bathroom, carefully tiptoeing around the people that were passed out on the floor. As I was taking a piss I tiptoed to look out the bathroom window and I saw the panorama of deserted urban decay.

I remembered how much I liked places like this. It was so dark and devoid of life, and strangely serene.

So I went back to the couch and tried to fall asleep. After 45 minutes of staring at the ceiling I decided I didn’t want to be there any longer, so I swallowed my pride and decided to wake my girlfriend up to beg her for a ride, since walking around the vacant streets at this time was not an option. Being an awesome girlfriend, she was totally cool with it, and told me she would be there in about a half-hour and that she would give me a call when she was outside. My phone died ten minutes later so I decide I would sit by the window and watch for her car. I sat there for a while and my eyes started getting heavy and I began to doze off.

A crashing noise outside woke me up. It wasn’t loud, but just enough to snap me into reality. I looked out the window and scanned the area, but didn’t see anything. Across the street from the loft near a mountain of garbage bags and one of those enormous dumpsters I see a computer and a monitor smashed against the floor that hadn’t been there before.

When my girlfriend arrived I went downstairs and greeted her. Just as I was about to get in the car, I remembered a friend of mine who had blown out his power supply. So I decided to walk over to the dumpster and see what I could salvage. The monitor was worthless, but the tower seemed to have suffered almost no damage, so I put it in the trunk and we drove off.

About a week had passed and I had completely forgotten about the tower until my girlfriend called to let me know that it was still in the trunk and that she wanted it out. That night I brought it home. Before I took it apart I decided to hook it up to my monitor to see if it still ran, and to my surprise it did. It ran Windows XP and it looked like it had been wiped clean. I decided to do searches for words like “tits” and “pussy” in hopes of finding some secret stash full of weird deviant porn the previous owner had forgotten about. Morbid curiosity, I guess. Search came up nothing. Searched for picture Files – nothing. Then I searched for movies and one file came up. It was an .avi inside a folder titled “barbie” hidden in the WINDOWS/system32 directory.

So I played it, now this is where it gets disturbing.

The movie was about an hour long, and was made up of what seemed like raw exported footage. The footage was of this woman sitting on a chair and talking against a white backdrop. I skipped through most of movie and it was all the same continuous shot. Then I decided to sit though the footage to find out what she was talking about. Fifteen seconds into the footage the audio goes completely bad and her voice is drowned in harsh static/background noise. I couldn’t make out a thing.

So I imported the footage into final cut and tried to mess with the levels to isolate her voice. It helped a little, but I still couldn’t hear what she was saying. I was intrigued now, and I began to really pay attention to her face and body language. It seems that she’s being asked some kind of questions, because she stops at times to listen, and then continues talking.

About 15 minutes into the footage, her face begins to redden and contort as if the questions are bothering her… But she continues to answer them anyway. Shortly after she begins to cry. She sobs hysterically for the duration of the film. One of the few words I could lip-read was “skin”. She repeats this word many times throughout the footage and at one point she even pulls at the skin from her arm and mouths the word. She seems to be unhappy with her skin.

There is much more I have to get off my chest, but it is getting late and I can’t go on. I will share the rest tomorrow. God save my soul.

It kept on building and building, and about 40 minutes in she’s crying so hard she can barely look at the camera. She stops talking at this point and the rest of the footage is just her crying with her head down. Oddly enough she doesn’t get up or move, the screen just fades to black.

I was fucking dumbfounded.

I played the whole thing through many times that night, trying to find inflections and nuances in her movement that would reveal anything else about what was going on. I felt so dissatisfied, I wanted to know more. That’s when I noticed that there was about 10 more minutes left on the timeline after the screen went black, and about 2 minutes in there was more footage.

The footage was extremely shaky, almost unwatchable, and depicted a pair of legs walking along train tracks. my guess is that camera was accidentally left on as it was being carried somewhere. The person in this footage walks along the train tracks for about 6 minutes and then turns into the forest and walks over what looked like foliage flattened by a piece of plywood. The person continues on this makeshift plywood road until the movie clip ends.

Now my heart started beating with excitement because there were train tracks a few miles away that looked very similar to the one in the video. I had to check this out.

I called up my friend Ezra; he’s 6’4 250 pounds of mostly muscle. I convinced him to go on a little adventure with me. I’m no pushover myself, but I felt if was to go wandering in the woods looking for god knows what, extra muscle couldn’t hurt. This whole idea of investigating this video had me so excited I couldn’t sleep.

The next morning on a sunny Saturday, I took my flashlight, my camera, and my 7 inch ka-bar with a matte black finish and serrated edge and went to pick up Ezra. When I got to his house he wasn’t even awake. When I woke him he pretty much told me to fuck off. I was already packed and I had mentally prepared myself to do this so I decided to go through with it without him. I parked my car at the train station, took my stuff, and hopped onto the tracks.

After walking for about two hours, I saw a broken piece of plywood and my knees almost buckled with excitement. I searched the nearby foliage, and there it was: a little plywood trail leading into the forest.

I walked slowly along the trail, paying close attention to everything. I would stop occasionally, kneel down, and listen for anything or anyone… but it was so quiet. This was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done. I didn’t know what to expect at the end of this trail.

The dense tree line gave way into a little island of grassy field, and then I saw it, a house being consumed by the forest. From the looks of it no one had lived there for 20, maybe 30 years. I got my camera and snapped a few pics. A few yards away from the house was a tool shed made of rusty sheet metal. I just sat there among the trees for a while, absorbing everything.

I didn’t want to go into the open field, I had this bad feeling that something would see me.

It took me a while to muster the courage to up to the house. The door was partly opened. I pushed it in with the flashlight and was relieved that the inside was actually very well-lit. I put my flashlight away, got my camera and took a few more pics. There was no furniture. The floor was riddled with bricks and wood and rubble, and some of the walls had huge holes in them. When I went in further to explore, I saw some things that I didn’t pay much mind to in that moment, but now that I think about them in hindsight, they greatly disturb me.

The first thing that seemed a little odd was that one of the doors in the first room, that I presumed led to the basement, seemed a little too new to be in this house. It was also the only door in the house that was locked. Also, when I made my way up to the second floor, I saw some chairs and a fold-up table that also seemed a little too new to be there. But what disturbed me the most for some reason, was the bathroom. The dust on the mirror had been wiped away, and in the bathtub, I saw a clear plastic tarp that still had water droplets on it from, when I presume, it was washed clean. That’s when I heard something moan really loud, and that’s when I jumped the fuck out of the second story window and ran back to the tracks.

Halfway there I realized the moaning was most likely a water pipe expanding or contracting, and that little moment of relief gave into the horror which I felt when I wondered why the water would be running on an abandoned house in the middle of the fucking woods.

It’s been a little more than 2 months since this happened and I haven’t gone back there, nor do I plan to.


On the morning of August 17, 1996, the local police station in Savile Town, Yorkshire received a report about the disappearance of twins Megan & Barbara Noyt. According to their relatives and friends, the twenty-two-year-old sisters disappeared from their rented apartment. According to the Concierge, on August 14 at eleven o’clock in the evening, the worried girls had left the house and had not appeared until then.
The police interviewed everyone who was familiar with the sisters of the Noyt, but no one knew anything about their possible whereabouts. The searching of the surrounding areas of the city and the survey of local residents also did not give results. It was suggested that the girls had been kidnapped, and suspicion fell on the numerous Muslim communities of Savile Town. Police sent from Dewsbury raided Muslim centers, but were unable to find anything related to the missing girls.

A week later, on August 23, one of Megan Noyt’s sisters was found unconscious on the abandoned Savile Oniste railway line by a group of teenagers. The girl was taken to the hospital and, according to doctors, was under the influence of psychotropic substances. Thanks to the efforts of medical staff, her condition returned to normal, and the police started to question her. However, the victim’s stories were unclear, including references to the railway tracks, the surrounding woodlands, and the psychiatric hospital where she and her sister were allegedly kept all this time under the supervision of a certain person, whom Megan called “he” .
The girl’s messages caused considerable surprise, because in the forest area on the border of Savile Town for a long time there was a psychiatric hospital Oniste Asylum, but it was closed in 1984 because of outdated treatment methods, among which lobotomy was still practiced. Although the situation with the abandoned hospital seemed strange, it was consistent with the assumption that the sisters had been kidnapped. When the police arrived at the specified location, they searched the abandoned building and the surrounding area, but found no signs of people or Barbara Noyt. The only find was made in a half-submerged basement, and was a fairly modern VHS tape; the partially preserved label contained the inscription “Barbie” (Barbie). Megan Noyt, who learned about the discovery, confirmed that this was how “he” called her sister.
The videotape was sent to Dewsbury for restoration and digitization, but the employee involved was found hanged in his apartment on August 28. The remains of a burned film from a cassette were also found there, a computer monitor was found smashed in the courtyard of the employee’s house, and the system unit, which presumably preserved the results of digitizing the recording. The case of the Noit sisters remains unsolved to this day, Barbara Noit was declared missing, Megan Noit still refuses to talk about what happened, the content of the video “Barbie” remains a mystery.

Now let’s get right to Barbie’s description.
“But why make a separate “Tamara Klein” section, if you’re going to describe her right here?” — you might ask.
I’ll answer: Barbie, the one we were looking for, and Tamara Klein, even though they technically are the same person, had different traits, distinctive features, if you will. And this will be a description of the exact same Barbie we were trying to find, her biography, compiled from a bunch of small, hard-to-decipher slips of the tongue, that served as a foundation for comparison of our Barbie to Tamara Klein.
According to everything we heard in the interview:
The real name of our heroine is Sharon. She also used aliases Tammy and Becky.
She was probably born in Chicago or nearby suburbs (“rural” accent was noticeable) during the period from January till April, 1969 (however Mike Rounds pointed out that at the time of filming near the end of 1988 the girl was of 22 years old). She was a perfectly ordinary girl before the injury, raised in a full family, apparently, being the only child.
Date of injury — December 1975, or December 1977. The girl was sent to load some laundry into the washing machine, which she did, but the machine started up too early and girl’s hand was sucked in with the sheet.
Surgeons fought over her life for more than four hours, had her right arm amputated and her elbow removed.

Parents supported the poor daughter: father made a pool in the backyard so the girl could swim. They also probably gave her gifts, as they presented her with a new bag later.
Relationships with classmates before and after the injury are unknown, but there are references to the fact that a friend of her made the girl known throughout the school — it is uncertain, however, if that happened in a positive or negative way.
In 1988 Sharon somehow learns about the existence of “Ampix” magazine and the possibility of becoming a handicapped model. After this, a photosession, already known to us, was filmed.

I can assume that the photos (at least some of them) were taken not by the photographer of the studio, but by herself — the rather “homely” way of some of the photographs shows it.
By the way, Sharon was married — this was proven by the wedding ring on her finger, visible in the photos.
In April 1989 Barbie gave the first interview, appearing to describe her life in detail. Unfortunately, due to the poor sound quality (I assume that the camera just had the built-in microphone on) most of the sounds are impossible to understand.
A little later, apparently, in the same 1989, another interview was recorded, this time Susan Abbott (died in the late 1990’s — early 2000’s) being the inerviewer. The quality of the image was twice as bad as the first time, sound quality also leaves much to be desired.
Barbie’s fate after 1989 is unknown.
One of the people who knew or heard about Barbie was connected to the state of Michigan, but it’s unknown whether she was born there or lived there afterwards.

Translated by Arseniy Tomilov, Charlotte Kings, Artem Kolchanovsky, and Polina Zvezdochkina