Podcast from October 20, 2018

I’m happy. I am happy to return here again, to my quiet, forgotten, wild-grassed abode, to light it again, to dust off the table, to sort out old manuscripts, and to start creating again. Let’s start.
The investigation was resumed, partly by the remnants of the group, and partly by Anonov’s group. New search lines are planned. This will be a kind of report for the past week (funny, more actions were taken in a week than in six months).
1) A complex of buildings was found, very similar to the building from one of the photos of Barbie (see below), in Chicago. The address of this place was found, and it almost completely coincided with the address of the «Facination» Studio. It is possible that the photo was taken directly in the building of the Studio itself, because, as I understand it, there is a typical building.
2) The audio track of the first part of the interview with Barbie was cleared, as well as the interview with Suzanne was listened to, as a result of which the exact age of Barbie at the time of the shooting was established – 20 years, i.e. the date of birth is shifted to 1968-1969.
3) All Chicago Newspapers for the period 1980-1981 were checked for notes about the tragedy that happened to Barbie. Nothing was found (as if they had twelve-year-old girls’ hands cut off by washing machines every day), from which we can draw a very strange conclusion – Barbie did not live in Chicago itself, but somewhere in the vicinity. I will never believe that such an event passed by journalists.
4) They checked the school Yearbook and Yearbook of Chicago for 1986-1987, in the hope that Barbie still graduated from high school, but also nothing was found. There are two options: either she did not finish her studies, and left school immediately after the tragedy, perhaps switching to home schooling, or she studied at a specialized school. Such a school was found by us, but its yearbooks and graduation albums were not found. Work in this direction continues.
5) It is possible that Barbie is Jewish. One of the team members, a native speaker, identified the accent characteristic of this nationality. This can also explain the Slavic accent – America is full of former residents of the USSR who fled their country, afraid of persecution. More information, as I assume, will become known when you listen to the audio material more carefully.
6) The idea of searching for surgeons (children’s surgeons?) Chicago, who worked in 1980-1981, but this version is marked as invalid: such a surgeon should be now 70-80 years old, besides over the years of work, something could have been forgotten.
7) There is also a small detail – snow in the background. I do not think that winter in America lasts so long (starting from the date of April 10 – the recording of the interview), so I assume that the photos were taken a few months earlier.
8) Most likely, this is an error, but I cannot mention it – on one of the sites where the archive was uploaded with video files of Barbie, the date is put down – 1988. Maybe this is the date of the interview with Suzanne, there are no other ideas. I am not in a hurry to draw conclusions about the difference in the face of Barbie on various recordings, but it is possible that first, in 1988, there was an interview with Suzanne, then with a certain man.
9) But I have no doubts about the photos – they were taken at the end of 1988, and the last ones were either December 1988 or January 1989. I am not sure that they returned to Barbie after shooting the interview, which, let me remind you, dates back to April 1989. I see the following hierarchy: the first photo – on the fire escape – was taken somewhere in November 1988, then – a photo session at her home, and at the very end – an interview. That remains to be seen.
10) About the photo set – by the way, there are still two unknown photos, as we remember, Barbie promised 16 photos for $ 40, and we found only 14. It contains a few, let’s say, unsaleable photos – just bad ones where Barbie closed her eyes, or something similar. Did they go in this pack, too? It’s a rather interesting detail.
Actually, that’s all.
Photo 1 – the same photo, the location of which was approximately able to establish.
Photo 2-3-photos taken around Christmas (the second photo shows the beginning of some word, which translates as “Christmas”, with the third, I think, everything is clear)
Photo 4-5-clearly unsuccessful photos of Barbie, but still went on sale.