Podcast from November 24, 2018

So, I’ll say hello to my most patient readers. Finally, the podcast material has gathered (although it was a week ago, the author is a little lazy), so make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies, we are starting.
A huge role in decoding play the commentators on YouTube. Thanks to them, we were able to establish some moments from the life of Barbie.
The tragedy happened not, as expected, in 1980-1981 (there was even a version of 1984), but somewhat earlier. It was possible to make out the moment where the age of the injury was announced – 6.
Therefore, if you exclude the intervals (at the time of shooting, she was 20 years old, and if she was 21 in the year of recording, I think she would have indicated this), it turns out that Barbie was born in January-April 1969, and the tragedy occurred in December 1975 Even the circumstances of the incident are known: Barbie, apparently at the request of her parents, went down to the basement, where there were several washing machines, as the girl put it, there was a kind of mini-Laundry. She started to get the Laundry out of the first car, when suddenly the blades spun, and, pulling on Barbie’s arm, broke the bone in half.
She started screaming for help, and the father, seeing what happened to his daughter, ran to call an ambulance, but the doctors took too long, and the family had to take a taxi to the nearest emergency service.
Because of what happened the marriage of the parents of Barbie has cracked they started to argue every day, apparently shifting the responsibility for the child on each other. I suppose, after graduation Barbie at school, parents divorced, the girl stayed with her mother, father apparently was not satisfied in relation to the mother’s Barbie, causing regular “pouring dirt” on them.
By the way, speaking about the school. Barbie did go to high school, because part of the story is that she was embarrassed of her stump while studying there. By the way, the girl was very fond of, and probably excelled in mathematics.
All these micro-fragments were extracted from the gibberish that the foreign assistants were able to translate. There was also talk that Barbie might want to become a Director, as evidenced by phrases such as” Why do you want to make a movie?” and ‘’What are you going to do in your movie?”. I do not know if the translation is correct, and whether Barbie was able to implement her plans for shooting the film, while it remains a secret.
But so far, all of the above is based only on the translations of assistants and my purely subjective view of this translation.
A letter was written to the creators of the lip reader program, to which the response was that the video is too low quality to say anything specific. This is a dead end of development, I think, because it will be very, very difficult to raise the quality of video.
In parallel, the audio track continues to be decoded, and we expect results in the near future.
Remember the picture of Barbie standing on the fire escape in a white dress? A similar landscape was found, and not somewhere, but in the movie «Брат 2», which takes place just in Chicago. But this is a completely crazy idea. I will attach a screenshot of that moment.
Actually, that’s all.