Podcast from May 29, 2017

So, another podcast about Barbie, with a detailed analysis of the videos at the time of 2009, with fragments of the full recordings found. Get comfortable and stock up on some cookies. Let’s get started.
As we remember, the theory about Mrs. Ragan failed completely, so, an accurate analysis of all the parts was carried out, so that there was an opportunity to see something new.
On 9 August 2009, the public was able to see Tammy, then known as Barbie, for the first time. Five years later, on 16 September 2016, the first evidence was obtained that the video could be edited from a film known as «RAE Tammy», and finally, on 3 March 2017, four videos were found as the proof of the above facts.
However, do not forget that the fame of Barbie and the meaning of the investigation was still brought by xenopasta, so it would be nice to find out how a simple interview for a magazine turned into a famous crypipasta? As you know, Tammy appeared in an abandoned file sharing site on 1 June 2009. The story was written in July and clearly tells how the narrator “searched for videos and found ONE file.” The author from YouTube in his creation did not pay much attention to details: the sound becomes illegible immediately after the end of the screen saver, immediately before the dark screen in part 4, Barbie says something and smiles, the screen itself lasts only 25 seconds, and then shows us the entire same Barbie.
The mounted version includes fragments 1, 2, and 4, “part 3 is not running yet”. Users quickly noticed that the end of the story and the end of the record, differ from each other, so that the existence of part 5 was taken for granted. Soon someone posted three screenshots (http://2ch.hk/sn/arch/2015-05-05/res/273379.html), missing in the Xenopast version, after which the opinion was established that there were six parts. What were the parts available at that time?
The first video starts with a normal video tracking screensaver (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a42S5_iwE3I) and a one-frame copyright warning (http://blog.rotering-net.de/wp-content/uploads/barbie..), the text of which was used, attention, exclusively on licensed tapes with Disney cartoons (http://thefbiwarningscreens.wikia.com/wiki/Buena_Vist..). Then the corresponding real first part goes to the end of the part, starting at about 0: 32-0: 33 (when Tammy turns her head to the left). Colors are paler, the image is cropped, and the sound is overlaid with some noise. The screen is dark for the last two seconds, but the noise doesn’t stop. Both the first part, as the newly-found original, and “horror remake”, ends on the same frame, proving that for two months, the full video has already been someone’s broken into four parts (possibly only the first three passages, the conversation with Susan Abbott in Barbie is not used in any way, also it could get to open access from another source) Xeno had the interview. Noise is identical, especially noticeable at 5: 34 and 6: 02.
Second part corresponds to the original with similar changes to the first (framing, color, sound). The cut points with a stump and a laugh – at 0:20 skipped three seconds of the original (skip to 0:23), 4:17, six seconds (it jumps to 4:26) 4:47 – seven (5:03) 5:26 – two (5:44). Oddly enough, the same audio fragment is used three times: starting at 4:47, instead of the sound corresponding to the frames with Tammy, the 4:26-4:56 part is played first, and then the beginning of it.
The fourth part differs from the others by a large spread of the original material with framing of different parts of the screen, slow-motion image and the usual noise. The first piece – 0:00-0:07 (5:52-5:57 from Tammy 2 with misleading signature BIID), the second – 0:07-0:22 (reverse 6:05-5:58 from Tammy 2), the third – 0:22-0:25 (5:57-5:58 from Tammy 2), fourth – 0:25-0:49 (0:00-0:17 from Tammy 3, again indicates the cut source), the fifth – 0:49-1:09 (0:18-0:31 from Tammy 3), sixth – 1:09-1:37 (0:50-1:09 from Tammy 3), the seventh – 1:37-1:39 (the final obstacle with a swastika from Tammy 3, the same as found in copies), eighth 1:37-2:06 (dark screen), the ninth – 2:06-2:08 (5:54-5:55 from Tammy 3). The sound, I admit honestly, did not compare, but it is unlikely that after all described there were passages from an unknown part at the moment.
And a little offtop on the theme of musical accompaniment. The mentioned anon was not the only one who heard in the third part of the song Barbie Girl, here, in fact, the newly discovered timecode: 5:24. However, according to the author if there is an excerpt from the song, it is not the full two lines, but only “…barbie girl, in a barbie…”, and there is no pun on the word stumpy here. The cry of “the swastika!”probably comes from the extremely distorted voice of Sergei Minaev (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvcuraaAOoM), then the year 1989 really refers to the old record. Now this version is questionable, but if it is confirmed, then long-standing doubts will be confirmed – it means that the tape belonged to our compatriot.
Actually, that’s all.