Podcast from May 23, 2017

So, a new podcast, about Barbie, with the latest news. Get comfortable and stock up on cookies, let’s get started.
A couple of days ago, this guy (http://vk.com/id264103087, I throw a link, because the hyperlinks don’t work properly today for some reason) sent me a woman who suspiciously looks like Barbie, but she is several decades older. It was decided to check the identity of this woman, and it was possible to find out the following:
This woman’s name is Tammy R. Ragan, born in 1969, works as a neurologist, and the hospital itself is located in Kernersville, North Carolina. In the same hospital a certain Director Jeff Ragan works. They found Tammy’s home address and phone number that matched Jeff’s. Thus it was established that these people are relatives, and most likely spouses, because they did not have common facial features, so the relationship “sister-brother” disappears.
Why did we think it was Tammy?
Take a look at Tammy’s cheekbones, eyes, and smile. Do you notice a familiar shape? It was these details that сaught our attention, an attempt was made to search for Tammy in the social network, and, unfortunately, without success, at the moment attempts are being made to find Jeff, Tammy’s husband, to find out all the details.
But, there are doubts in some points, for example, pay attention to the nose of Tammy and the nose of Barbie. Barbie’s nose is small and neat, and this one looks like it’s even crooked and big, although I might be wrong.
And, the most important, because the photo was shoulder-length, it is impossible to see the presence or absence of a hand.
Another small detail — in my opinion, Tammy looks a little old for her 47-48 years. There was a version about the use of drugs in youth, which is combined with the morale portrait of Barbie described by the Creator of the magazine, so this detail has its own pros and cons.
Barbie’s education also uncertain — to work as a doctor in the United States, you need to go through long-term training, College and other subtleties, while Barbie may not even have finished school, and, at the time of her twentieth birthday, her main earnings were selling photos, which is confirmed by a phrase from an interview when the phrase “after school”, flashed through the story. In General, if we talk about the earnings of Barbie, it seems to me that she was not particularly poor, let’s imagine: the sale of photos (“Sixteen photos for forty dollars”), disability benefit, furthermore parents’ divorce, and the girl maybe lived with her mother, the father probably paid alimony for the maintenance of a disabled daughter or just helped financially. Also, I assume that Barbie’s mother worked too, so that a well-fed and relatively comfortable existence for Barbie was provided.
But there is a counterargument: the girl could continue studying after a while after school, this is a common thing in America.
In General, so far there are more questions than answers. We will check the phone numbers soon, otherwise we will write directly to the organization where Tammy works.
Actually, that’s all.