Podcast from March 8, 2019

So, here is another podcast. Perhaps you thought that I deliberately delayed the time and rolled out the “publication” for the holiday? And here and there, I was just very lazy until March 8, and then the holiday arrived.. Make yourself comfortable, stock up on some cookies and let’s start.
On the same photo of a certain Tamara K., a man’s shoulder was found, belonging, if we assume that this is a home photo, to her husband or son. So far, this doesn’t give us anything, except to confirm that this photo isn’t from the school Yearbook, so it’s unlikely that Tamara was a teacher.
Attempts have been made to search for a relative”…anet B.”, it is established that “…anet” – * most likely Janet, since the search for names Vianet, Janet, and so on. They didn’t give any results. The name Janet also turned out to be rare, and, by the way, with a Jewish origin, which led us to think to search for Jewish schools and again without success: the information was not available to the ordinary user.
A search on Janet B.’s Facebook page didn’t give many results, just dozens of empty profiles and full one.
The owner of the account turned out to be Janita K., whose “additional name” was Janet B, born in 1970, and our Barbie was approximately born in 1968-1969, which suggests some thoughts, right?
There was a reasonable assumption that Janet and Janita, if, of course, it is not the same person, could somehow overlap in life: to study at the same school, University, somewhere else.
We found out that Janita is from Philippines, works in a hospital in London, and has two houses and two Facebook accounts that were abandoned a few years ago.
We created a fake account, found a photo of a girl who vaguely resembles a Barbie, called Hannah Klein, and invented a story about a nurse looking after a missing helpless amputee.
But, – the first barrier, – to send a letter to Janita, you need to be added to her friends. Since her page, apparently, is already forgotten, adding to friends did not follow, although our fake page filled with strangers. One of these “friends” turned out to be a crazy chocolate hare – a pick-up artist that tried to pick up fake Hannah. There was an attempt to involve him in the work of searching and checking information for the promise of an engagement, but he did nothing. By the way, it is assumed that Barbie is a Jew with a Polish admixture, respectively, her last name should end with – IC/ICH, but, judging by the ring, she has long been married and her maiden name will not help much, most school yearbooks/class lists are closed from stranger’s eyes.
There are still attempts to find Barbie among the world of the dead, this time our object was the site obituaries – these are sites where relatives and friends of the deceased share their grief, something like an online cemetery.
It is possible that due to stress, depression and trauma, Barbie has long been dead, which would, of course, be undesirable for us-if it is difficult to find her in the living world, then in the afterlife – it is almost impossible.
The good news is that the dream of the Chernyak – it recently managed to contact netstalker, and we even agreed to help us. Now the e-mail of one of the main and most deceitful defendants in the research (a man whose name cannot be called out loud) is being processed, a password is selected for it, and Tamara K.’s profile is also being checked.
Actually, that’s all.