Podcast from July 12, 2019

It’s probably the last podcast. The group maybe stop searching activity in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy it.
So, with the help of netstalkers, we tried to hack into the email of Michael Rounds, in order to extract useful information for us, if possible. Attempts to find a password were not successful, so this path was rejected as irrelevant.
It would seem that new ideas still do not appear, the team in full went into spring hibernation.
And then we were sent a very interesting resource.
The so-called personal blog of Becky, our beloved Barbie, in which she tells about her life, about the past, about how she lives with an amputated hand. On the same site, “she” leaves several of her photos from the same pack with 16 photos, and only those that our team managed to find. There is also one new photo that has been subjected to skepticism, because we are sure that it is not her. The facial features are too different, and if you look closely, even the arm was amputated the wrong way. However, it is interesting that services like TinEye did not issue similar requests, so the photo is original or previously published on closed sites. But this, again, does not mean anything. Becky’s date of birth and many other biographical facts, by the way, differed from the data that Tammy in an interview with Susan Abbott called herself. Maybe such a rich and long story just a fake, made only to attract attention? However, it was not so easy.
Another strange thing is that the site was archived back in 2009, meaning it was actually closed a long time ago, long before our investigation began. Then a logical question arises — where are those exclusive photos and data that you can’t find on the Internet just because you want to? Could it be that the person who created this site was dealing with a Barbie or just a devotee who got access to the closed resources where these photos were posted?
Anything is possible. For what purpose the site was made — it is not clear, because there is no price list with prices for photo and video materials. It’s strange that someone would spend a huge amount of resources writing such a gigantic text, and it clearly wasn’t one-armed Tammy…
Well, if you believe this miracle blog, our dear amputee was born on June 11, 1972, in Chicago, lost her hand in 1980-1981, but not in the washing machine, but between the bike and the car — the hand was squeezed between them, which led to amputation. Next — a very long story about how the girl was rehabilitated, went to school, graduated from College, and so on.
By the way, in her guest book, many people strongly do not believe her and give many good reasons why this site is a well-developed fake. One user even wrote an entire article for this blog. The story still remains confusing…
As it turned out, our Barbie — foster, and she has a sister, Margaret, also taken from the orphanage (does not resemble the creepypaste about the two sisters Noyt?), who is an amputee, and even a lesbian, which adds a special spice to this story.
But this “sister” is actually a very famous amputee in Russia, Tatyana Volkova, born in 1964, which was even shown on NTV at the time, who was written about in popular Newspapers, the owner of the amputee magazine Flamingo, now deceased. In General, her life was even worse than Barbie’s.
We don’t know what it was. The page is abandoned, so there is no point in writing. We’re studying this wonderful blog.
Letters were written to amputee forums, trying to find out more about Michael Rounds. No one answered. In principle, it is logical — old times, half of the people who found all this stuff with devotee, probably already dead.
Everywhere, queries that are connected with Barbie were googled in different languages, photos were checked through certain services, and some other small work was done.
And Google plus, which had an almost empty page of Tamara K, perhaps interested in programming, was closed.
Actually, that’s all.
The link to the site, which was discussed above – http://www.oocities.org/wellesley/4721/index.html