Podcast from January 3, 2017

The first podcast in 2017! Wow, happiness, joy and gladness.
We are starting right now. Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies.
Our teammates are extremely unlucky with foreign assistants – they stopped contacting both the first and second. However, another assistant was found, this time from Britain, who had also been investigating Barbie. He watched the video and made his suggestions, and I will give you a fragment:
“These photos were probably taken a few years before the interview, and it looks plausible if the accident was when she was about 14, maybe 15/16 in the pictures and 22nd in the video, as our source here had kindly claimed… In addition, despite the fact that it is almost impossible to understand what she is talking about, judging by the sound, body language, tone of her voice, she sounds neither sad nor ill-educated, she actually looks quite calm and happy, smiles a lot and you can hear from the caught fragments of her speech that she does not speak vulgarly.”
Well, Yes, it was noticed long ago (not only by me) that in the third part she looks not unhappy, but rather tired, exhausted, you can even say so.
However, if you believe the American, the dates have shifted: as we remember, her estimated year of birth-1976-1980, so she was 15-16 years old in the period 1991-1996, despite the fact that the paralyzed old man said that Barbie was filmed in the 80’s, the period was not specified, but still, there is an issue. With dates in general, there is another problem – the spread is large, mainly due to the uncertainty of the magazine’s Creator, who gave the intervals of ages to Barbie. However, let’s try to understand.
Also, at the end, our British friend heard the following:
“At the end of the video, she seems to be talking about a friend who can be contacted if anyone is interested in her videos and photos, someone named “Sue”, if I understood correctly, she said something like: “If you are interested and you like our conversation, contact my friend Sue, she will notify me.”
At the same time, a woman named Susan, who has been engaged in rehabilitation of disabled people since the 80’s, was found. Maybe it’s a lead, we’ll try to contact this woman in some way. Two names were also heard: Jervis and Jerky, possibly the same person. Besides, at the end of the film/video it is customary to thank the people who took part in the shooting, perhaps these people are directly related to Barbie.
We also found the FB of Natalie, a model who also starred in «Ampix»at the period we need. An email has already been written and sent to her, and we are waiting for a response. By the way, our british friend noticed an interesting detail: Barbie has a neutral accent, very similar to the British, which may raise the question of her origin(perhaps an immigrant from Britain or similar). Although, some people heard French, German and even Slavic accents, so the question is moot.
Actually, that’s all.