Podcast from January 20, 2017

Finally, the new podcast is here, I have also been waiting for a long time to please you. In place of this sentence, there was an excuse like “well, half a podcast is better than nothing at all”, but while I was writing a half-podcast, the information gathered was equal to the full one, which I publish now.
There was almost no progress, but the following has happened:
1) There Is a suggestion that Barbie is the heroine of a snuff video (an erotic video with a murder scene). Then this explains a lot, and the disappearance from view after the shooting, and the strange behavior and responses of many characters in this story, whether it is the Creator of the magazine, or the owner of photos of Barbie. The very presence of interviews and photos says against this assumption, where the girl looks if not cheerful, then certainly does not express anxiety or fear. Perhaps the interview was filmed just before the film was shot, after all, the last hours of life, and the photo had taken earlier, for Devoti magazines. It will be funny if the shooting of the snuff video was organized by the Creator of the magazine, because this is a real opportunity to put him in jail if our team reaches the American police, heh.
If the assumption about snuff turns out to be true, then it will be much more difficult to find Barbie – such videos are banned in many countries of the world, including the United States, and almost do not appear in the public domain.
Anyone who wants to dive into, God forgive me, the atmosphere of snuff deeper-I advise you to watch the film D. Schumacher “8 mm”. By the way, the plot is very similar to our investigation, if you watch, you will draw parallels and understand everything.
2) A letter was written to the kind administrator with a request to contact the paralyzed grandfather again, perhaps he can still remember something.
3) Translation of foreign sources did not give anything really, no new assumptions were made, purely discussing old information, although, maybe I do not know all the subtleties of Spanish? Recently filmed videos also do not abound with fresh information or assumptions, so this direction is still «dead».
4) I wanted to tell you for a long time about the misconception associated with Barbie. The fact is that either simultaneously with the creepypasta, or a little later, a death certificate was thrown in, allegedly written on Barbie. The permission was very small, which is why all attempts to approximate and somehow find out whose name the certificate was issued to, ended in failure. And only recently was it possible to make out the date of birth indicated in the certificate. And… it clearly looked at the beginning of the XX century, I can be mistaken, but it was 1907 (or even 1870s, here, I admit, I am confused for the duration of events), which, of course, in no way fit the existing history. Also, someone said that evidence of such a sample was not issued after the 50s in America, which once again confirms the finding of our team.Besides, Texas was listed as the place of death(or birth), but we didn’t use that state at all, only Illinois and Michigan. But this can’t be considered a rebuttal – we don’t know where Barbie was born, where she died, or if she died.
5) And again problems with dates. The person who heard the song “Barbie girl” has not appeared in the search blog for a month. It is possible that someone decided to play a joke on fanatics looking for a one-armed girl from the 80’s, and gave us misinformation. However, there was a confirmation from the magazine’s Creator, who, let me remind you, claimed to have seen this interview for the first time in 1998-1999. I repeat, the photos and interviews could have been taken at different times, perhaps even with a difference of ten years, as indirectly evidenced, in fact, the photos themselves – the hairstyle and clothing of Barbie in the photo match to the 80’s rather than the 90’s.
Actually, that’s all.