Podcast from February 5, 2019

It took a very long time to gather information on this podcast, and get comfortable and stock up on some cookies. Let’s start.
In the podcast, all surnames are shortened to the first letter, to avoid any incidents.
An unexpected push in the investigation occurred after monitoring comments under one of the videos about Barbie: a certain Tamara K. Left a comment, saying that she is a Barbie, and she needs help. One of the spectators tried to start a dialogue with her, but without success.
You never know who and what is written below the video, but the avatar of Tamara’s channel (empty, by the way)
If Barbie has survived to this day, it should look exactly like this, well, or at least very similar.
At the top, above the image of Tamara, was the inscription “…anet B.”, most likely the name sounds like Janet or Wianet.
Several theories have been put forward:
1) This is a page from a school album, which is probably incorrect: a girl on the photo looks too old for a schoolgirl. Counterargument – she could be a teacher.
2) This is some kind of album from work, but the inscription on top is not the name of Barbie, but her “top neighbor”. So far, this is the most possible option.
3) This is a photo from the «Ampix». Version was immediately called untenable: that wasn’t in their style at all. Unless Rounds finally went head over heels on the amount of money, and started making yearbooks with amputee models.
4) This is a certain anonymous person found a photo of a woman who looks like a Barbie, and decided to play on the interest, this cannot be excluded.
It was noticed that the woman in the photo deliberately hides her right hand, which is typical of amputees: no one wants to expose their injury to the public.
Tamara K’s Google Plus account was empty, but her «Hangouts» profile was found, an email was written, and a response is expected.
Next, the search was made by IP (the dream of schoolchildren and old men), I understand, it sounds stupid, but the details, I think, will be unnecessary here.
In General, the program showed to us two addresses – one in the already familiar California town of Mountain-View, the other somewhere in Germany. However, we were disappointed here – in California there was only one of The Google offices, and not a private house, which destroyed the version of Tamara’s residence in Mountain-View (unless she works at Google).
The German address is still being processed.
We searched the so-called “white pages” of the United States, where we found Tamara with the right maiden name, and a bunch of other coincidences, such as the date of birth, husband, and so on. But that Tamara was completely healthy.
Facebook was searched, logically, without results. By the way, it should be said that the profile photo on YouTube is original, and has not been posted anywhere else.
In General, if Tamara K. is really our Barbie, then Rounds is a damn liar, because he sent us to the name of Sharon (the only one who mentioned that name at all). Although, there was more than one confirmation of this.
In a parallel had been raided porn for retropornarchive with amputees. Well, who knows where our model went next?
Actually, that’s all.
I attach photos of the “suspect” and Barbie, compare them yourself.