Podcast from February 16, 2017

Finally gathered the right amount of material. Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies, we’ll get started.
There are some new news that has made adjustments to the investigation:
1) Recently the administrator answered, saying that she was written about Barbie by three more people on the forum. This is good, that we are not alone, perhaps another group will be able to find something more (although they use our material, set out in a Google document in case of communication with foreigners).
Also, the administrator gave a rather interesting vision of Barbie’s current life, quoting: “She is now most likely a small-town housewife with a boring job and two children in College.” If that’s the case, I’m glad, because, to be honest, no one hopes to find Barbie alive anymore. And the administrator suggested that the stump of Barbie from birth, and the appearance of the girl in the video, to be honest, is not particularly sad. But, about the stump, there are too many counterarguments: two people that have never known each other (the head of «Ampix» and an anonymous Yahoo group), told a story about a washing machine, and such coincidences do not happen, so probably the administrator was mistaken, and just Barbie’s stump has been very well tightened.
2) Back in mid-January, an attempt was made to contact one of The «Ampix» models, Bobbi, about which it seems to have been mentioned in past podcasts. We had written to her and didn’t get a response. Recently, an American called Bobby. The phone was picked up by either the son or the husband, said that the woman could not help in the search and hung up. Well, apparently, this path of investigation is closed to us, which is a pity.
3) We also Wrote to Natalie F., another model, twice already, but we should not wait for an answer:she put a filter that only delivers messages from friends, and messages from strangers are sent to spam.
4) The third «Ampix» model was found, this time, God forgive me, armless. A letter has been written to her, and we expect the answer. Although, in fact, this is a very weak option: it seems that the models did not overlap at all, and these women simply cannot know anything about their “neighbors” in the catalog.
5) In useless attempts to find something new, I searched for images, and found… link to the statistics of the channel on YouTube, back in 2010, put a photo of Barbie on the preview video(attach). Hell, so someone knew about Barbie/had a photo of her seven years ago? It will be extremely funny, if this is true.
6) A search was made through the newspaper files of the cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, and the state of Michigan for the period June 1978-June 1992.However, nothing suitable was found, which is surprising: it seems to me that local Newspapers should have covered such a case as the loss of a twelve-year-old girl’s hand in a washing machine accident. Although, it was reflected: some files in Chicago were missing numbers for the years 1985-1992, as well as summer issues of the desired years. So, this option should also not be dismissed, it is even possible that the devotee found out about the story of Sharon from a newspaper article (usually in such materials publish a photo of the victim).
7) Found a user who told about Barbie (in his interpretation – Becky) in 2003 in the Yahoo group (I wrote about this in a new year’s podcast), and, surprisingly, he is still active on the Internet, although not in the direction of devotee. He is currently 68 years old, a letter was written to his old mail, maybe he will respond. And to ask him a question in personal messages on one of the forums, you should write a certain number of posts and be active for a certain time, which is now being undertaken by our people. There is a chance that this person saw the full recording of the interview with Barbie, and he will help us.
8) There are no photos of Barbie in this person’s Yahoo group post, however, if you turn on HTML code, the names are visible: BeckyA.jpg, Becky1.jpg, etc. The file BeckyA, was interesting, because photos with this name no one has ever found, perhaps this is another new photo of Barbie, unfortunately, lost for eternity.
9) A user was found, a Frenchman who saw photos of Barbie on the Internet 22 years ago, i.e. in 1994-1995, which confirms the version about the date of the photo shoot of Barbie, i.e. – 1989. It looks like the interview was actually recorded a little later than the photo was shot, or not… There are lots of guesses, but few real facts.
10) Another letter was written to the Creator of «Ampix», in order to find out someone else from the editorial staff, but a response was received –«Sorry, I don’t know anything, I can’t help». Apparently, the old man is an ordinary liar, he could see the story of Barbie in Yahoo groups, and just retell it, although this is still unknown, he also gave some dates, the age of Barbie at the time of the tragedy. The old man got us pretty confused, I can’t say.
Ah, so I didn’t sit down for a Novel, damn practice. But in General, the idea, I think, you will like it, just wait a little.
Actually, that’s all.