Podcast from December 9, 2016

lright, time for a new podcast. Author lights a cigarette. Go ahead, get comfortable and bring some cookies too.

The work aimed at extracting the information continues. Certain steps were performed:

1)A Facebook group for amputee girls fans has been found, we’re awaiting their response.

2)A letter to the user xenopasta, the copypasta author, has been written. We only got a response saying the address is out of service. Well, that was pretty much expected. The author seems to have disappeared without giving us any answers. Pity.

3)The third part has been listened through again. We managed to squeeze even more details out: after the trauma Barbie’s parents were spoiling her, as a matter of fact they bought her a new school bag, which she, apparently, craved. The girl also told a story of visiting the swimming pool, but, understandably, this attempt didn’t have much success. It looks like all her further tries to fix her life have failed, leaving a 22 year old, 10/11 years past the trauma, Barbie wasn’t able to recover mentally even after doing so physically.

4)She might have started school at 5 years of age, which is a regular American thing. Anons were able to calculate estimated education years (unless Barbie was relocated to a special school), people are looking through possible Chicago schools. If she was relocated – this will be a dead end.

5)Approximate tragedy date was also calculated: it’s mid June 1987 – mid June 1992, the reason behind such huge gap being the uncertainty regarding Barbie’s age both at the moment of tragedy and at the moment of filming. If there were any Chicago anons willing to help, we could send a request to the hospitals about such patient but alas, it’s very doubtful there will be any answer over the Internet, which is sad.

6)There might be a possible clue in the end of the video – a studio’s name and the last name of it’s deceived founder. But it’s all questionable, because third part’s sound is still horrendous even if it’s better than the other parts.

7)It’s been noted long time ago a male voice speaks during first seconds of the first part. Firstly people suspected this person of being a doctor, nowadays anons tend to think it’s either an operator or an interviewer.

And the old man who seemed to recall the girl is still there. I’m hoping he’ll be able to remember where exactly he saw the girl.

So, that’s about it.