Podcast from December 8, 2016

Let’s begin. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

The investigation is going full throttle. Anons have managed to infiltrate a closed amputee forum and contact one of admins who was very accommodating.

This admin has contacted his friend who is a big amputee girls fan. He, by the way, was quite of old age, and this old man mentioned that he’s acquainted with Barbie but he couldn’t remember exactly who she was. You might ask, what’s the problem – just give some more information and photographs, what’s the big deal? The deal is, however, that this old man’s paralysed and barely talks, additionally he’s a mental patient. It’s not completely known what exactly his condition is but the fact remains. The admin promised to share this old man’s contacts with us, but there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to answer.

A funny little detail – do you remember how the magazine founder set us off the scent by sending us to a woman allegedly conducting an interview with Barbie? Well, this admin is sending anons… right to the same very woman! We can make 3 possible conclusions out of this:

1)This woman lied about not knowing our girl.

2)Admin lies for unknown reasons.

3)Admin is mistaken about something.

By the way, this woman might have lied accidentally, the reason being: the letter that was written to her mentioned 1989 as a date of filming, while this woman started her practice after this date, so she automatically denied her involvement after looking at the date, which makes sense.

There’s an american anon involved, whom I have already mentioned. He agreed to decipher Barbie’s lines, and we’re waiting for the result.

A few additional details. After close inspection, word “actress”, word combination “my *** balance”, and, possibly, her impression of her mother’s voice were heard, although you can’t make any words out of that impression. It’s also possible somebody didn’t approve of Barbie’s modeling practice, likely – her parents, because after the “actress” word you can hear a word “goodbye”. You could understand the situation – who would possibly want their disabled daughter being filmed for erotic magazines made for, putting it lightly, specific type of people?

“My *** balance” word combination likely means Barbie’s post-surgery condition, because amputees often face coordination issues early on.

These details prove time and time again that this video is an interview and Barbie’s life story.

So, that’s about it.