Podcast from December 7, 2016

While the author sips freshly brewed tea, let’s get started. Get comfortable and grab some cookies.

New details, that have almost completely changed all currently known information about Barbie, were discovered.

Anons decided to give out the video to our american colleague hoping he would notice something new as a native speaker. And he did.

In the third part of the video with sound cleared up the american guy recognized a tune from “Barbie Girl” that was released in 1997 (a direct quote from the video – I’m a stumpy girl, in a stumpy world). It’s obviously going completely against the video date – Oct 4th/April 10th 1989. A letter to the magazine founder was written, and he confirmed he had watched this interview in 1998-1999 for the first time. It’s very unlikely that somebody would keep the interview for 10 years before showing it to the founder, because he even mentioned that the woman filming the interview had recommended Barbie as a model for his magazine.

What conclusions can we make draw out of this discovery?

1)Barbie’s birthday was moved 10 years further, which means her birth year was around 1976-1981 time period.

2)That means other magazines, that were previously disregarded by “founded later than 1989” criteria, became a possibility. New search ways have opened up.

3)How can we explain the 4.10.1989 date at the end of the video? It’s pretty simple – the interview was overwritten over someone’s home video. When the date appears in one of the last frames, you can hear a word – possibly “swastika”, with a well-recognized russian accent, especially the ending “i(e)ka” being recognizable. This interview could possibly enter the hands of our fellow compatriot, who then rewrote it over some of his unimportant tapes. But for now it is nothing but a theory not backed up by anything.

4)The video title is explained and it confirms the fact that our girl was, obviously, not called Barbie. By the way, there’s a hidden sense in this tune – in the “Barbie Girl” music video, doll has her arm ripped off. I think the allegory is clear. Also the name “Barbie” is in the video not only as a tune but as a part of other sentence. Apparently the hypothesis of the girl feeling herself as a doll is somewhat confirmed.

5)However, all these facts aside, a question appears. The photos were made long time ago – it was noted on the website where the last Barbie photo was found. Considering the photo page remained completely unchanged since the publication on September 1999, logical questions arise. However that could still be explained, although only theoretically: in the video Barbie appears to be of more age than on the photos – her face looks older, hair colour changes from brown to lighter brown, you can compare them yourselves, if you want (I’ll attach a photograph and a screenshot from the video). It’s entirely possible these photos were made in mid-90’s, and the interview was filmed later. This means, these photographs did see the light in one of the magazine issues, right? This question remains unanswered.

So, that’s the current situation.