Podcast from December 6, 2016

Let’s begin. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

A new letter to the magazine founder has been written, containing mostly the same questions, such as – who is this girl and what do you know about her?

He didn’t really say anything significantly new, but he shed some light on a few details:

1)Barbie’s interview was filmed on a photostudio and he does indeed have a tape. He also knows about the Youtube videos and regrets the poor sound quailty because otherwise we wouldn’t have had all these questions. What does this answer give us? It gives us reaffirmation that we should’ve started the investigation much earlier, almost at the time the video had appeared. Photostudio founder would have still been alive and we could’ve learn everything through her (co-founders are yet to be found). Who knows, maybe the magazine owner would have been more communicative as well. And it would be extra sad to learn that Barbie could have died at 2010-2016, so anons technically could have the chance to contact her but now it would be too late. Well, let’s not make too much guesses and move on.

2)Some small details have surfaced: Barbie was 19-20 years old or close during filming, so we have a 19-22 years old interval. It’s a minor detail but now a definite fact. Also, she lost her arm at 11-12 years old. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give us much.

After this, there’s no new info in the founder’s letter, he just copies the old response. Old man is definitly hiding something, although I don’t really know what exactly…

Also here’s some info on the newly found third part:

1)It has been saved on some chinese web hosting since February 23 2012. It’s unclear where the owner had it from: did he have a tape or did he upload it from a file sharing website in 2009. There was no luck in contacting him: this person has probably abandoned his account, his last video was being uploaded in 2015, and there was no email attached. Another weird dissapearence in this story, the second one, at this point.

2)The first dissapearence is associated with the author of one of the posts on a forum for amputee fans: he also uploaded this part, apologizing for bad audio, saying his frontal microphone was accidentally turned on, hence the noise and such. This person definitely has the tape, he mentioned it. However this person didn’t log onto the forum since January 2016, while hiding his email just as a chinese man did. This story makes a weird turn, doesn’t it? His post has left some uncertainties: could this man be the actual operator filming Barbie? But those uncertainties turned out to be just translation issues so a potentially successful version was discarded for being inconseqeuential. Alas.

And – a small announcement. As I’m going into studying, podcasts will be aired on different time (You’ve probably noticed that the majority of these were written at nighttime), most likely, during afternoon or evening. But I promise it won’t affect the frequency!

So, that’s the current situation.