Podcast from December 5, 2016

Ok, let’s begin. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

Today a new Barbie photograph has been found, the last one being present in open sources.

What does this mean?

1)The magazine founder lied about Barbie not being filmed for his magazine. How do we know this? It turned out, all the photos had a number (435-01,02, etc; 435 being Barbie’s number in the photo catalogue). What exactly is the magazine founder hiding, remains unknown. Why does he even care for a girl, who had her photos published 27 years ago? This question still remains unanswered. Attempts to contact other co-founders were made, but the the answer remained the same – nobody knows anything. Was that true or did the original founder call everyone to warn about our interest regarding Barbie? Who knows. Anyways, it confirms the fact that our cutie has indeed been filmed for this magazine, which is a major step forward.

2)New photo. To be honest, I like this photo much more than the other ones. Have a look at her face: a sincere smile, the craziness in her eyes, present in the previous photos, is missing in this one. Apparently, it’s a family archive photo: you can compare it to the rest of the materials – Barbie looks a little younger, I’d say, 16-17 years of age, which indirectly proves a Sharon story, or, to be more specific, the story about a washing machine incident when she was 12. Also there is no ring in this photo. I don’t think she would have taken it off just for one occasion. This photo made my heart sink: she’s just a girl with a kind, baby face. How could this tragedy happen, what would her life be like if it never did? We’ll never know the answers for sure. She mentally remained being a 12 year old girl. You know, this is what her persona tragedy is about – she couldn’t make money any other way than getting filmed for such magazines, showing her thighs and her stump. Quoting the magazine founder:”She was very worried that she’ll only be able to work as a caretaker or companion, making minimum wage pay.” I’m hoping she had a decent husband who supported Barbie through hardships, not letting her drown in her pain and misery. But let’s move away from philosophical speculations and get back to actual facts.

3)Photographs were found on the ancient website, published on September 1999. So the very first source of these photos on the Internet (at least, the one still being up) has been found. Barbie’s alias there is “Becky”, which matches the one being used by one of the photograph owners. There is also a bonus of that website having the published photographs in the majority of it, that, again, indirectly proves the magazine owner was lying. By the way, the photos from the website didn’t have a watermark, I might publish them in the future, but there’s really nothing new about them.

So, that’s the current story.