Podcast from December 4, 2016

Let’s start, shall we? I wanted to make a separate post, but then I thought – why not make this a podcast? Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

There are some fresh news:

1)A new magazine possibly containing Barbie’s photos has been found. Sounds good, but here’s the issue – the founder has been dead for a couple of years, there are no co-founders, so it doesn’t seem possible to find anything out. If there won’t be any other issues of this magazine found, then it’s probably the one Barbie was filmed at. I need to clarify something – this magazine was released as a photostudio’s special edition of sorts for the fans of such photos, or, also likely, as a way to support amputees financially. It kinda makes sense – amputees are filmed, get their money, and their fans are happy. Everyone’s pleased.

2)While listening through the third part with a cleared (as much as possible) audio, it was noted that at the moment of recording, Barbie’s parents lived separately (Now my parents separated – a direct quote). Word “parents” is frequently mentioned in the video, which somewhat proves magazine founder’s story about the washing machine incident and limb loss at 12 yo. It looks like she’s been talking about her childhood, possibly about her after-surgery condition and about recovery (which hasn’t fully finished, it looks like). Generally there were a lot of details caught during the listening session – like Barbie’s story about surgeons fighting for her life, about her visit to the beach and people’s reactions. It was undoubtedly hard or her, I’m sure that people’s reactions were mixed, which had it’s mark on her emotional wellbeing. Hopefully Barbie endured the hardships and was able get over them in the end.

3)Barbie’s residence is still an open question. There are two versions – Los-Angeles and Chicago. Why these cities? One of the magazine’s main office was in Los-Angeles, the one that could have had Barbie filmed, but the founder (the one who told the Sharon story) rejected this theory, saying that they never had this one filmed. One of the photo owners confirmed it by mentioning that girls had numbers assigned to the, and “Becky” (that’s how he called her) didn’t have one. Additionally one of the photos (I’ll attach it) has snow in it, and that doesn’t sound like Los Angeles. Chicago having snow is no surprise however.