Podcast from December 31, 2016

Hey there, Santa Claus has come and brought a present – a new podcast! Go ahead, unwrap the box, get comfortable and bring some cookies.

Generally, nothing significantly new has been found in Barbie’s story, just a few details, but I’m going to name them anyway.

In one of Yahoo groups we have found two mentions of our girl, this time under alias “Becky” (date of posts – 2003):

1)Quote: “To atone for my stupid posts I offer “Becky”. Not the heart breaker currently featured in Funky Winkerbean but, another Becky whose sad
tale involves a washing machine.” I don’t know what he’s trying to atone for, because he’s been talking about amputees in other posts, but whatever. Also, there’s other Becky amputee, she draws “Funky Winkerbean” comics, so the author clears things up so we won’t be mistaken. The whole washing machine thing sounds familiar though, doesn’t it?

What does this quote give us? A confirmation of magazine founder’s words. Apparently, he wasn’t lying, and his silence was a result of the current attitude towards devotee-fetish. Damn, if only we could find this in the beginning..

2)Quote: “She has always been one of my silent love… I would had married her
if I had the oportunity. She is form the Ampix days… I wonder what has ever happened to her????”. What does this quote give us? A confirmation of our version regarding the Ampix magazine Barbie was filmed in. But then why did the magazine founder say she has not been there? Maybe, again, it’s a result of the attitude towards devotees, but a logical question arises – why the hell did he spill the entire story about Sharon then? This guy is weird and his silence is suspicious even after newly discovered circumstances. I’m more than sure he knows Barbie’s last name, her fate, and other details of her biography. But remains silent. Such a mystery, dammit.

We also had a response from a paralyzed old man, who sheds light on some details. Quote: “becky dates from early to mid 80’s i think. lost arm in washing machine. no lockout during spin cycle. from michigan i think. about 7pics and some video in circulation.” Anons assume Detroit is connected – it’s the biggest city in state, plus, Detroit was mentioned in original creepypasta.

Also he says Barbie was filmed in 80s, that, again, raises questions about photo and video dates. Maybe our old version is possible – photos were made in 80’s, and video in 90’s, like a “reappearance of an old star” or something of sort.

So, that’s it.

On New Years eve I would like to say a few words about the group and you, my followers, readers, helpers.

This year was tough on the author – constant studying problems, re-examinations, uncomfortable meetings, breakups, etc. Yeah, it left a mark, but I’ll keep on trucking.
I’ve started leading this group not a long time ago, as you might have noticed, it’s only been a month, but we have a big future ahead of us! We didn’t find Barbie before New Year – we’ll find her in the next year, we have a truckload of time on our hands!
I’m hoping for our group to prosper and blossom, we have a lot of work to overcome, and a lot of info to figure out.
I also hope that Barbie… I mean, Sharon is alive and celebrating New Year with her family, friends and close ones. I really want to believe she’s alive and well. We always want to believe in good, right? I don’t know how the podcasts will come out during the break, but I’ll try and release them as usual – new info = podcast.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!