Podcast from December 3, 2016

Alright, time to make a new podcast. Author lights a cigarette. Go ahead, get comfortable and bring some cookies too.

As it seems, the investigation is stuck for now. However that won’t stop us from theorizing and speculating.

So, what do we have on us at the moment?

Magazine owner refused to talk about Sharon in more details, even though he himself mentioned that he had a tape (clearly it had better sound than the usual video) that he looked through several times, which was the reason he remembered the story in the first place. He had a strange reaction – first he told everything in specifics but then he suddenly cut the dialogue. Well, we’ll let it lie on his conscience. However he did give us contacts of a woman working in one of the magazines, allegedly, the one to conduct this interview. Anons decided to check the information and realized they had been barking up the wrong tree – the woman never heard of any Sharon (or Barbie/Tammy/Bekky). It looked like the old man set us on the wrong path, so he might have something to hide. But we set this theory aside for insufficiency.

Let’s keep going. We should mention girl’s psychological condition. The magazine founder mentioned that girl was depressed despite recovering physically. This detail is even noticeable on the photographs: I’ll attach one, so try and look into her eyes and her smile. She looks insane, right? However, I should mention that in the third part of the video she looks pretty cheerful – she smiles, laughs, tells stories, and has a cute smile in the end. Our interviewer pals definetely knew how to work and how to find the right approach, am I right?

Oh, I have to highlight something specific about the video parts. (Thanks to this guy for reminding me to do this)

The order we have right now is a total mess. Third part is probably the last. It’s preceded by the fourth part which is noticeable from the background. But I have no idea on how the first and the second part are related because background is clearly different (however, in the end of the second part there is a glimpse of a third/fourth parts background), clothes are different too. It might have been a 2 part interview.

Something else is noticeable – sound is much clearer in the third part than three others. It’s been uploaded by one person on a, uh, rather peculiar forum, so it’s possible that this person has an interview tape. So we know of at least two copies – the magazine founder’s and this forum member’s.

I have to add that for the first time Barbie’s interview appeared not later, than on June 1st 2009, with the name “RAE Tammy”, on a filesharing website. Apparently it wasn’t broken into parts either, while there were three parts uploaded to YouTube on Aug 9 2009. It’s possible that the user by the name “xenopasta”, who uploaded the video, initially had the third part, because there was some information that this guy tried to upload the third one but something went wrong. The source of this information is unknown.

For now the threads are cut – both owners of the photographs are silent, the forum member hasn’t been active since January, the magazine founder is silent too. So we’ll wait for something new to surface.

So, that’s about it.