Podcast from December 26, 2016

Okay, our podcast’s a little late. Author’s sleep schedule is a little off again, but that’s fine. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

Almost from the very beginning we had a huge list of phone numbers: magazines, journals, photo studios, owners, name one! But we didn’t have a possibility to use them. It wasn’t even about the money – spend some money on Skype and call whoever you want. The language barrier was being the problem though: there were no native English speakers in our ranks, and we needed one – why, you ask? Because native speaker would have a significantly easier time talking to Americans, the lack of accent and understanding of certain language aspects, unavailable to “self-learners” would play their role. I mentioned us having an American guy helping us with finding the filming date, but he went missing and isn’t responding anymore. So, such steps were taken:

1)A thread on one of the foreign imageboards was created, asking people for help. A suitable person has responded, we had a conversation, and he agreed to call these numbers. And there are quite plenty of those! But, we need to make just one call – to a young woman (not so young anymore, though) – Bobby, whose photos, as we remember, were published at the same page with Barbie’s. We had a speculation – what if they were filmed for the same issue and had a contact with each other? As it was mentioned before, there was another model, Katie, who could give us a direct lead to Barbie, but due to her mental illness the conversation is impossible.
It’s Christmas in America right now, everyone’s busy and doesn’t have time for strangers’ calls. Sow we decided to call sometime later. We were expecting to receive information today, but this new American guy is silent for now, so, we’re waiting.

2)Our kind admin has finally responded, she was asked to send us an e-mail of the paralyzed old man, so we could talk to him directly. We wait for the answer.

3)Letters were written to the German devotee community and owner of the biggest blog with photos from that journal Barbie could have been filmed in. Again, we wait.

So, that’s it.

Podcast’s a little shorter than usual, but, as you know, a calm before the storm. But if all these three directions were to work out…