Podcast from December 23, 2016

Alright, new podcast. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

We finally have a new investigation thread, even a couple of them. New information you’ve been expecting quite some time! Huge thanks to this guy for all the info, if it wasn’t for him there would be no podcast.


1)One of devotees said Barbie’s alive. But don’t get excited just yet – he could say that to get rid of us. Still, we’re checking it.

2)Quite some time ago a certain “Katie”, another model of our magazine, had popped up. She was only mentioned in a context of tape recordings (the “Tracking” caption was very similar in both of Katie’s and Barbie’s videos), some people assumed they were recorded on the same tape, but this version is abandoned due to being unimportant and impossible to confirm. But this time she popped up again in a more interesting context. Katie could have given us a direct tip to Barbie because they, apparently, were in contact. You might have noticed that I’m talking in past tense, why, you might ask? The reason is – Katie’s out of her mind for 10 years and can hardly tip us onto anything. A logical conclusion of her story, and I’m beginning to worry, because Barbie could end up being the same way, she could be alive, but completely inadequate: you simply can’t live with this pain inside of you, your mind and conscience can die. But these are only guesses.

3)I was surprised to find out that amputee-fetishes are against the law in USA. I don’t think it’s a serious offense, however, the devotee magazines and journals were silently closed down. Maybe, a neutral reaction to this fetish later swayed to negative, and people like them were beginning to be condemned by society. This might be the reason for silence of the magazine founder, other devotees and people related to this community: nobody wants their reputation stained, their answers might emerge in English-speaking communities and they would be asked questions that are hard to answer without losing some respect.

4)This is the reason for us being sent off by the woman the magazine founder has originally sent us to. She might have had a direct connection to devotee communities, and if she didn’t know Barbie personally she might have heard of her or know someone who would give us info.

5)Again, it’s completely understandable now that these girls used aliases all this time – they were simply worried about their future. It’s unlikely Barbie’s modeling work would be approved of today.

6)Some websites were found: anonymous devotee imageboard (yes, it exists), a video hosting where a video from this magazine was published (a copyright was visible in the beginning), etc. The author of the video has been offline for 3 years, his email is yet to be found. The imageboard is not a priority for now.

7)An old and already disproven version: Barbie is a French actress, at least, a lookalike. Anons were unable (this version appeared in Sept 2013) to name this actress, but this version is disproven by this entire investigation.

So, that’s it for now.