Podcast from December 20, 2019

So here it is. A historic moment for creepypasta as for a foreign segment and the segment of the CIS.
I, with the Barbie searching team, conclude this story by putting a stop to it — Barbie has been identified, and now we know exactly who she is and what her name is.
I will start from a distance, with, in my opinion, the most interesting point — how did we find her, if the investigation was closed?
It all started on December 12, when one of the team members, Sherlock, decided to use probably the only option that we did not try — for a second to believe that the nickname of the person who wrote the comment on YouTube is the real name of Barbie, and enter this name along with one of the supposed places of residence of Tamara. And here are the results…
Tamara Maria Klein was born, most likely in the last days of December 1965, or in 1966 in Cooperville, Michigan. Yes, old Friedman wasn’t lying when he called this state the birthplace of our heroine. If only we could put these two facts together at once… The investigation would have been ended last year.
Then, on November 17, 1970, Barbie goes to the local high school, where she studied until December 1979, or until the beginning of 1980. Then, as I understand it, there is a well-known incident with the washing machine, which divided her life into “before” and “after”…
However, despite everything, at the beginning of September 1980, Barbie returned to school, and successfully finished high school in May 1984, as by the graduation album, where we recognized Barbie in Tamara.
What she did next is unknown, only two details: starred in 1988-1989 in a photo shoot, gave interviews twice, and moved to the city of Conklin. This is where the exact information ends.
“But how did you connect Barbie to this Tamara?” — The question is simple, and I will give a detailed answer to it:
1) A profile Picture on YouTube, Yes, the same “Janet Brittany”. We were able to find the original photo of Tamara Klein with her mother. As for Janet Brittany — these are the names of the girls-sisters whose photos were above, that’s all.
2) Pay attention to how this photo was taken from YouTube — it was reshot, probably on a phone, in poor quality, blurred. Photos of the same quality fill Tamara Klein’s Facebook account.
3) Tamara is very well suited for age: at the time of the winter of 1988, she was just 22 years old.
4) Michigan, it was mentioned by Friedman, and it was this mention that we took for the crazy words of a crazy old men.
5) A Striking resemblance in youth. I’ll attach a photo, you’ll see for yourself.
6) Yes, and the comment on YouTube with a request for help is some kind of proof.
7) It is known that she applied for help to the organization of disabled people. With what question — it is not yet known.
By the way, it should be noted that Tamara (Tammy) was never “Sharon” — Rounds again deceived, or perhaps misled, without knowing it himself.
What have we done? First of all, we wrote to Tamara herself, hoping to find out something from her. The woman has three accounts, of which only one is active (maybe she forgot passwords from previous accounts), and which from time to time she fills in new photos, and often repeated.
There was no response from her, which was expected.
Letters were written to her friends and possible colleagues, as well as to the editor of the local newspaper. There are also no answers yet.
But this will only be bonuses, an addition to the main one. The main thing is done: with one hundred percent probability, we can say that Tamara Klein is our Barbie.
The investigation is not being completed or suspended, we have a very good goal, I think — to contact Barbie and get her on the air, while raising money for her life and, possibly, treatment.
In the meantime, I want to thank my team in the same old line-up:
Sherlock — if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be writing this podcast right now, and there wouldn’t be a band.
Nikita Ryazansky is the person who communicated with Rounds back in 2016, helped me with the group in 2017, and was active in 2019.
Charlotte, also known as Gabrielle Reis, is our foreign assistant, and it was she who sent the above-mentioned letters.
Nikita Meleshkin-actively participated in the second team of the Barbie searching, joined the first team.
I also want to thank you, dear readers and fans, for being with us all these three long years. None of this would have happened without you.
We are not saying “Goodbye” 😉