Podcast from December 2, 2016

Okay, this is going to be sort of “creator’s podcast”. Warning – longread, so get yourself some tea and cookies first.

In posts like this I will discuss theories regarding Barbie, investigation advances, etc. I’ll do my best to make as many of these posts as possible.

I’m going to mention something just in case – there is a possibility that the group’s theme will – not completely, but to some extent – change, because it’s impossible to beat on this topic for so long, as you can surely understand.

BUT! Barbie theme will be kept as a foundation, so, if there will be anything to publicize (art or new info) – I will. You can think of Barbie as a patron saint, a local goddess, so to speak.

Anyways – let’s begin.

What do we really have on our hands with all this material?

1)That’s right, Barbie is not some maniac’s victim or a patient of some asylum. She’s a pretty regular (except the missing arm) girl, not deprived of good appearance, as you can notice on the photographs.

2)As I have stated in the first post – this girl lost her arm after the washing machine incident. A logical question arises – why is the “BIID” caption in the video? There is no proper answer yet, but we can have some degree of certainty that Barbie is not mentally ill and never was (at least, before the trauma).

3)We have to set things clear with her names, there are as many as four of them. Those names are: Barbie, Tammy, Becky, Sharon. The first name is disregarded because it’s probably just a fictitious one given by the creepypasta creator. There was a hypothesis that she “felt like a doll” (probably due to the loss of arm). But because “Barbie” name took root that’s what we’ll keep calling her.
Tammy and Becky could just be pseudonyms for modelling, because Barbie was a model of at least one magazine.
Sharon was a name that the magazine founder mentioned when he was telling her story. It’s most likely to be the real one.

4)The girl was married. It’s proven by the ring seen on her ring finger in the video.

5)In the third part of the video (I’ll upload it soon), at the very end she says thanks for requests to buy her photographs, and for making these photographs, that, again, confirms her modeling practice, and then she promises to continue it. Well, it’s a decent job for a simple girl with a cute face and a disability – she did find her audience in amputee fans.

Well, that’s how it is. Group’s audience is still small but I’m hoping for growth. Obviously, if you invite some friends or provide some advertizing (I’m not forcing anyone, it’s only voluntary) – that would be a plus, the community will grow, bear fruit, “and then, friends, the Earth will blossom”, as one song says. I’m exaggerating of course but you get the idea.

Any ideas and suggestions regarding Barbie you can leave in the comments, I’ll look through them, ponder a little, and if there will be something useful it will be in the next podcast with a nod to the author of the idea.