Podcast from December 17, 2018

So, finally, the author gathered, overcame laziness and sat down to write a podcast, Hooray.
Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies. Let’s start.
As you may have noticed, the search team organized third recruitment team, and I think it was the last one. At the same time, I inform you that the team is closed for recruitment. However, if you have any suggestions, additions, help in translation – write directly to the author(perhaps I will set up a personal group, then send everything there).
Now the main work is being done in the direction of decoding video recordings: removing noise, translating text, and so on. I’ll be honest – this is the only direction of search at the moment, because the rest are stopped for a long time.
As already mentioned, there is a possibility that Mike Rounds contacted Barbie herself, informing her of an unhealthy interest in her from the Russians, and she began to cover her tracks
I see only these ways of investigation:
1) Searching for some information about the life of Barbie BEFORE the shooting, i.e. before 1989. Yes, we’ve already done this: searching for school yearbooks, newspaper mentions of the tragedy. As everyone already knows, these directions have not produced any results.
2) Request for help from netstalkers, the most real of all. But, like me, none of the team understands anything about this, so the theoretically promising direction has closed too.
Yes, by the way: if among my readers there are netstalkers who are ready to help – write me.
I also want to inform you that a film about Suzanne Abbott was checked for any information about Barbie, but nothing was found there.
Actually, that’s all.