Podcast from December 17, 2016

Alright, new podcast. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

The investigation is slowly gaining back it’s previous momentum. Such advances are made:

1) Bobby’s Facebook (model that had her photos posted in 1999, alongside Barbie’s photos) has been found. We found her husband and son there, too, also, we found her home phone number. One of anons has called – a man picked up the phone and told him he had the wrong number. He might have misunderstood the guy due to similarly sounding words and few wording mistakes. However, even if that’s not true his reaction is understandable – imagine receiving a call from a stranger demanding information about your close friend. What would you say? Plus, this Bobby was featured in certain erotic amputee magazines, so, anything related to that biography page of her life might be taboo in their house. We plan on calling again and rewording the question properly this time and, maybe, we’ll have the proper answer.

2) Barbie’s photos surfaced on one foreign imageboard at 8 Aug 2011 in an amputee girls thread. There was no useful information, so this doesn’t really give us anything. There is one question though: in 2011 “barbie.avi” was still popular on imageboards, but how come nobody stumbled upon these photos? Or did they find them but chose to remain silent? It’s unknown.

3)Some anon on this imageboard claims he has the tape. An old trick, don’t you think?

4)It was proven time and time again that fourth part was actually before the third. How? Well, in the end of fourth part there are some frames where the lens are zoomed-in. The same frames are in the third part but in a different perspective. We conclude that xenopasta zoomed the video in and slowed it down – that’s how he achieved the “crying Barbie” effect. Also he used an method, unbeknownst to me, of pasting the fragments from the third part to the end of the fourth. Editing magic!

So, that’s the story.