Podcast from December 15, 2016

Let’s begin. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

There are no significant advances, and these steps were taken:

1)An active devotee forum has been found, a thread was created, we’re waiting for a response. There are a lot of Russians there, though, and that’s alarming, because our compatriots are physically unable to have a magazine subscription, and, therefore, unable to help.

2)A Yahoo group, led by that exact old man, has been found. However it appears to be dead since 2015. But it’s exactly what we need – it was focused on old amputee photographs, fits perfectly! We might to try and find emails of it’s members.

3)Facebook groups are a failure: posts were not published due to Facebook’s strict photo policy, because you might break someone’s copyright or something. Pity.

4)Do you remember a website where Barbie’s last photo has been found? We also found Bobby there, another amputee girl. Her biography was found, too, and, if we can link it to Barbie we might have a clue on our hands. By the way, Bobby’s from Chicago, so it might confirm Barbie’s place of residence, but it’s still only a theory. The alarming part is – the information is from a 1985 magazine, Bobby is 32 years old (1949-1950 dob), but, if her photos were taken at the same time with Barbie’s photos (around 1985-1987), we have a discrepancy, because in our current version of events her photos were taken at 1998-1999. We’re looking forward to figure it out. This might be a reason to contact her, but I highly doubt we can do that through the Internet.

5)We finally understood the wall writing that raised questions – “Noel”. Doesn’t really give us anything but it’s one more fact.

6)I can’t stop thinking about that Polish website that has suddenly disappeared from search. Why was Barbie’s photo there? Just as an amputee example? I don’t believe it. If there was any information, it is now gone, and it’s really disappointing.

So, that’s it. Podcast’s a little shorter than usual but there’s not much info, so, what can I do.