Podcast from December 14, 2016

Alright, an overdue podcast. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

An enormous Barbie finding machine is rapidly slowing down. I have some news today, but, unfortunately, only bad ones:

1)A new letter to the magazine founder was written, this time with the purpose of learning of any people related to devotee community. He’d told us he didn’t have such contacts. Maybe he doesn’t want to share, maybe he really doesn’t know anyone. That’s it. We squeezed out everything we could.

2)The kind admin is dead silent. Another thread is cut. We might try restoring it but there’s no certainty, there might not even be any point in this – the old man could’ve been mistaken – old age is no joke, after all.

3)The anon who’s been sending messages to the groups has disappeared. I’ve submitted an application there and am currently waiting for a response. However, I doubt we’re going to get anything useful out of these devotees. But let’s still try and wait.

These are all the news for today.

Maybe we should try a different approach. I, for myself, have separated Barbie’s life in 3 stages:

1)Her life from birth till 18 years old
2)Her life in 18-22 years period
3)Her life after 22

Currently we have the most information about the first stage: trauma, life after trauma, parental care, mental break.

We know much less about the second one – marriage, magazine names where Barbie could’ve been filmed, and photographs, plus a small description of a “half-educated girl speaking like a small-minded teenager” by a magazine founder.

We know absolutely nothing about the third. Literally zero clues about her fate have been found, except a magazine founder’s remark that sounded like: “she wasn’t a part of a devotee community after that, so I guess she wasn’t being filmed anymore”. That means it’s impossible to track her by magazines, catalogues or photographs.

If only we had access to an archive of a studio, or a magazine, where Barbie was filmed! I’m sure, that there, somewhere under the pile of dusty catalogues and bunch of older files, lays a small piece of paper with her last name and address, or an envelope with a return address and original photographs. It’s just not possible to leave no trace whatsoever, I refuse to believe it!

I don’t know what I’m going to do next, because a stream of information about Barbie is drying up. There will be probably less podcasts in the future, only releasing when there will be actual news. Or, maybe, it’s time to convert the group into something different. Well, don’t get scared, these are only thoughts in my head for now.

Well, this is going to be the end for today.