Podcast from December 12, 2016

Let’s dive right in. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.
In this podcast I’ll be talking about “barbie.avi” creepypasta’s origins and spread, and, also, about the origins of videos themselves. Thanks to this guy for the idea.

This story has started in 2009 on an lesser-known file-sharing website, where RAE Tammy (one of Barbie’s aliases) video was uploaded. As we have figured out this is an interview with Barbie, however it’s uncertain whether it’s the entire video or just the third part of it. I guess it’s going to remain a mystery, but whatever.

The video was uploaded not later than July 1st 2009. Let’s remember this date, it will be useful further on.

Around mid July 2009 a copypasta was uploaded to 4chan. (English version accessible here under “read creepypasta” spoiler – https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/barbieavi)

TLDR: a guy finds a computer in the dump and decides to take it home. After turning it on, he finds Barbie’s interview where he sees allegedly sees her cry and pull her skin, claiming she didn’t like it, and such. In the end of the video he saw a footage of train tracks, coincidentally being near the guy’s house. He doesn’t find anything when he visits this place, but then he hears a moan and jumps out of a window. I have to mention that those videos were yet to be uploaded to an open source and had no connection to this creepypasta.

Then, in August 9 2009, user xenopasta uploads 3 Barbie videos. He might have taken some parts from a full interview – it’s also uncertain. He slows the fourth part down to make the girl look like she’s crying. It’s entirely possible he edited the BIID caption in himself. He has never shown any other activity on YouTube.

Later, a Noyt sisters creepypasta emerges. I couldn’t establish the exact date of appearance, but it’s first forum appearence is on January 4th 2011 (only available in Russian – https://pastebin.com/BDhQPKw0)

TLDR: Some maniac kidnaps two sisters named Megan and Barbara, proceeds to torture them, cut Barbara’s hand off and, apparently, throw Megan out in the forest, where she’s found by policemen, although, she’s unable to remember anything due to being under the influence of strong psychotropic substances. This creepypasta is connected to those videos, that, were, allegedly, made by this maniac before the murder. It was easily disproved, because there are no Noyt sisters other than in russian anonymous’ minds: there aren’t any mentions of them on any foreign website.

A main version, for a long time, was barbie.avi being a part of a niche medical film about BIID patients, proven by the caption and the lack of arm. But after the third part was found, this version fell flat. It looks like xenopasta, who uploaded YouTube videos, has himself downloaded those videos from previously mentioned file-sharing website, or he had an access to the interview tape.

If you want to learn exactly how the investigation was conducted, you can read my previous podcasts.

So, that’s about it.