Podcast from December 10, 2016

Author finishes his cup of tea, and we’re starting off. Get comfortable and bring some cookies.

To be honest with you, I have to admit – the investigation hit a dead end, however, that might not be the best description for this situation, because right now anons are just waiting. A calm before the storm, storm of information, new data, people, fates.

All current work is being concentrated on listening through the third part, containing, obviously, the biggest chunk of info – from separate phrases you can understand that in this part Barbie finishes talking about her childhood and begins talking directly about her life after the tragedy. Understanding the whole story relying only on phrase fragments is very problematic, the only thing we’re able to pull out of this is a general picture. However there are some interesting moments.

Huge thank you goes to this girl, agreeing to help us with deciphering.

In particular, a phrase “I know…I know… but something I really wanna.I’m sorry(that I wanted???) …. hard” can be heard in the video. It’s unknown what Barbie was apologizing for. A moment before saying this she stretched and said something inaudible with a pleased voice. Anons assume she was mimicking her mother, however there is no reason to apologize for it.

Also, a man supposedly holding a copy of the tape had contacted one of the anons. He explains that this tape previously belonged to his parents. He wants 200 dollars for it. It’s a decent amount of money, so we asked for proof, and await for his response. It has been noticed that he takes quite some time to respond. Would some sleazebag respond like this, attempting to sell us an old tape, not of any interest to anyone other than a bunch of russian and spanish anons, for such a ridiculous price? I doubt it. He might be trying to rip some idiots off, so we’re not taking this investigation route into consideration for now.

A kind admin stays quiet as does an the old man who had vaguely recalled Barbie. It’s really unfortunate that we had been able to find a string and just as we pulled, it, seemingly, broke off. Well, here’s to hoping all is not lost, yet.

There was a glimpse of a theory from some of the anons, that the entire interview is just a student project about BIID patients. This version is pretty easy to debunk, but we can make a logical connection – there was no material so they pulled up Barbie’s interview, slapped BIID on top (it was possible on such cameras), messed around with sound a litte – and bam, good-to-go thesis project, might’ve even been succesful.

Future plans – we’re waiting for a translation to be done by the american anon, who was willing to listen through the third part. He might listen better and hear more than russian-speaking people who only studied English.

You know, there’s going to be a mark on my conscience left by this story. A mark of emptiness, loneliness, horror. It’s like Barbie in some mysterious way transferred these feelings to me so I could understand the depth of her tragedy. Or, maybe, the author is just that impressionable. It doesn’t really matter, though.

So, that’s about it.