Podcast from December 1, 2017

Finally, there was some progress after six months of stagnation. A year ago, before I had written to the owner of the «Ampix» company, Michael Rounds, and asked all the questions about Barbie, our Team of Superintelligence Detectives was formed. Our dialogue became the starting point of our investigation, and unfortunately, a lot of things, that were said by Michael Rounds we took it as an unquestionable axiom. On the one hand, he told us a lot of useful information, such as: the accident with the washing machine and about the approximate age of our main character (about 20 years), but on the other hand, Rounds categorically denied that Tammy / Barbie was filmed for Ampix. Our naive investigation immediately turned in the opposite direction from Ampix and began to look for traces of Tammy / Barbie in other amputee agencies like «Fascination» and «CD Project». We searched for already dead owners of these companies, poked around in the archive of these agencies’ websites, swung folders with videos of amputee meetings and corporate events, but in the end we did not find anything.
But then, suddenly a couple of days ago, just for the anniversary of the forming of our team, the owner of a limited site throws us a full folder of photos with Tammy/Barbie. There were several new photos, but the main surprise for us was that in the photo pack half of the photos were numbered under the General number 435. «Ampix» used a similar numbering in its catalog, and each photo series with a single model was assigned a single number. In the «Ampix» catalog for 2001-2-3, number 435 is missing,so,it was sold out. But, fortunately, we found another folder of photos with a different model under the number 1152 and the same batch of photos under the same number and with the same model is in the «Ampix» catalog. Plus there was one more clue – the folder of photos numbered 515 (the closest to the folder with Barbie by numbering in the catalog) was shot in January 1989, the video with Barbie was shot around the same year. What is this all about? To the fact that Mike Rounds absolutely deliberately led us along a false logical chain, trying to lead us to a dead end. This is also witnessed by our old informant named «Clipper», who almost swore that he had purchased photos of Barbie in Ampix. So now, a year after the beginning of the investigation, we are returning from Illinois to where it all began, in California, where once in the distant nineties was the main office of the mysterious Agency «Ampix».
The only difference is that now we can say with ninety-nine percent certainty that Barbie was filmed for Ampix, and Michael Rounds( а. к. а. the old piece-of-shit liar) knows a lot more about her than he is ready to tell us.
Actually, that’s all.