Podcast from Мay 5, 2017

So, a new podcast, and finally, about Barbie — I decided to collect all the information that I could find and found out that there is enough for a full half-podcast.
Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies, let’s get started.
Remember the last podcast when I talked about two ways of our research, especially about Carol Davis and Susan Abbott? I want to inform you — Carol died about a year ago, and Susan has been dead for a long time, in the early 2000s.
What I can say about this — it was a direct line to Barbie, because the interviewer could not be found, there is absolutely no information about him.
But! We must not despair, there are several other ways, more difficult than Carol and Susan, but also possible:
1) Attempts are being made to contact friends of Susan, who was also involved in the topic of Devoti. Unfortunately, I can’t give you specific names, because we have found only one person so far, and he doesn’t answer. We can only wait.
2) We try to search about Barbie on the school websites. However, this is damn difficult, because, that don’t even know if Barbie graduated from high school or went to a special school for disabled people. In the case of a special school, everything is easier: there, graduates still try to hold on to each other. In the case of schools, everything is somewhat worse, because the exact place of living of Barbie is still unknown.
3) You can try to place a missing person ad, but again, you need a person from America. Taking this opportunity, I am asking people from America, or better-from Chicago, who can, write in the comments, or to me directly, I will be very glad.
I want to write something else, but, unfortunately, this is all. The investigation is moving very slowly, but the search will not stop, I promise.
Actually, that’s all.