Podcast from April 17, 2017

So, let’s get started. Finally, a podcast matches the topic of the community – about Barbie. Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies.
I say right away, there will be no fundamentally new information about Barbie herself here, but I think the following will be interesting for you.
Now we are closer than ever to deanonymizing Barbie. It remains to make only a small step, and, here it is – creepypast’s El Dorado – barbie.avi. But, as we know, the last battle is the most difficult one. There is a whole chain of people with whom we can find our main character. But this chain is extremely shaky and frayed by time.
However, to the point. We were able to identify the interviewer of Barbie – Susan Abbott, a woman who lost her leg to cancer, who worked with «Facination» for a living, interviewing girls like our Barbie. This information was obtained from a 47-minute film found on a closed website about Susan herself, talking about her past and present. How did our group find Mrs. Abbott? One American was able to recognize her in an interview with Barbie, and that’s how the clue was given – as you can see from the video, the interviewer is missing his left leg, which gave a certain clue to the search that led to success. Naturally, an attempt was made to contact Susan, but we failed: “Susan Abbott” is a fairly common combination of first and last names in America, which makes it extremely difficult to find this woman. At first, I, as a person who does not speak English at all, thought that Mrs. Abbott was a lesbian – in an interview, she calls Barbie “girlfriend”, the analogy with “boyfriend”, I think, it’s clear. However, as it turned out, there is a second meaning of this word – girlfriend, without sexual subtext.
We may be searching for Susan among disabled groups on Facebook, but it’s possible that Abbott left her mark on the amputee community.
The next link in the chain is Carol Davis, the founder of «CD Production», a friend of the aforementioned Susan Abbott. What is known about it at the moment? An elderly woman, a mother of at least five children, an active traveler, who previously maintained accounts in various social networks. However, the last entries date back to 2016, which may suggest a sad thought – it is possible that Carol has already died. An attempt was made to contact her children, but without success. This is probably the weakest link in the chain, because it’s not clear whether Susan Abbott is alive or dead, when in the case of Carol Davis, the chance of finding her alive is clearly zero.
There are no other ways to find Barbie yet, because even in the Devoti community, few people remember her, let alone the rest.
And there is still a chance of finding our main character if Mrs. Davis is dead, but if Susan is dead too..
Actually, that’s all.