General record of Barbie from March 3, 2017

So here it is – I’ve been waiting for this moment since December. A full video of the interview with Barbie/Tammy/Becky/Sharon was found.
I’ll immediately ask you about a small request. If you see a new video with Barbie posted somewhere, but without specifying our group or me as the finder don’t hesitate to share a link to the group in the comments, thank you.
To be honest, I feel like Alexander Nevzorov at such moments, leading “600 seconds” in some 1988 or 1992. But since I don’t look like Nevzorov either externally or internally, and I don’t have my own show, let’s get started. Make yourself comfortable and stock up on some cookies.
So, through search, selection and communication with Devoti was found closed community Devoti. One of the teammates managed to reach the site administrator, and a password was given. And in the video library of this site, since 2012, there were videos under the same familiar name Tammy.
The video was divided into four parts, of which three parts were shot by a male correspondent in a building that looked more like a hospital than a house, probably filmed by another Studio, and another part – an interview with Barbie, with a story about many details of her life.
Before proceeding to the analysis of the available phrases from the interview, it is worth remembering xenopasta, the user, in fact, who created this creepypasta. He zoomed in on the image to make the regular sweatshirt look like a hospital shirt, and also added the BIID label, which is not present in the original video. What I can say, the guy, I’m not afraid of this word, is a genius.
By the way, all three videos are called Tammy, apparently, this is still one of the nicknames of Barbie.
So, the interviewer is probably that «Sue», previously mentioned in the third part as someone who can send requests for sending videos/photos with Barbie. She also States that the photo can be ordered right now, at the time of recording the interview.
Barbie tells a brief story of her life, including how she managed to get into the Studio «Fascination» (Yes, it is the same photo Studio, the Creator of which died recently, in 2009), which finally confirms the place of living of Barbie – Chicago, since the Studio was located there. By the way, the version with the washing machine was completely confirmed. In the interview, you can see how Barbie demonstrates with her healthy hand how the drum of the machine turned.
It came to the sexual experience of our heroine, the quote: “I can do a lot of different things”, which in addition to several previously said phrases gives the following translation:”during the process of copulation, I can do many different things”.
Then it comes to self-confidence, apparently, how to stop being shy of your injury.
Then follows a story about a school friend of Barbie, because of which the girl became known throughout the school.
So far, this is all from the interview. Yes, I agree, it was on top, but the main thing-the version with the washing machine was confirmed, which means one hundred percent identification of Barbie as Sharon.
It is worth mentioning two other videos, one of which is very similar to porncasting, for the following reasons:
1) The interviewer asks why our heroine wants to star in movies, quote: “Why do you want to make movies?”. Of course, we can assume that this is just a movie, but, you know, given the direction of these photo studios and magazines, it is very, very unlikely.
2) The Next question – Has the girl ever been a model? And, perhaps, it is not only a relatively innocent posing for Devoti magazines in clothes, only lightly stroking his stump.
3) And the last question – what will Barbie do in the movies? If we stick to the version about porncasting, then this question kind of confirms the theory. Hell, it’s possible that somewhere in the same storerooms is pornography with the participation of our heroine.
Actually, that’s all..
Today, instead of a screenshot/photo – four videos with Barbie, finally. The channel, by the way, belongs to one of the detectives who took part in the investigation, thank him for this.
Now this video will go to , then to 4chan , but I want everyone to remember: the investigation was led by our group. The country should know its heroes, as they say:
Tyler, the one who twice supplied material for the group, one of the most active.
Sherlock, Ivan, my namesake, who, in fact, dragged on his back all the investigations, managed to spin us on at least some activity, otherwise our group would have died, back in January.
Max, who found us through this group, tried to help as much as possible.
And many others: Vova, Test, Nubkor, Red Pepal. These guys were from the very beginning, thanks to them, we managed to find everything, everyone plays a very important role, not only I worked on this investigation, I only adjust course and take part.
But damn it, thank you guys. Without you, there would not be this group, this investigation, this podcast.
No, this is not goodbye, we still have a lot to go through and learn, so do not despair,and enjoy the video and music^^