General record of Barbie from December 11, 2016

An updated material regarding Barbie, replacing previous pinned post.

Alright, there’s a pretty popular creepypasta called “barbie.avi”. What’s the deal behind it? There are 4 parts with horrible video and sound quality, in those, the girl seems to talk about something, smiles and laughs, but then her emotions change, right up to the point in the fourth video where she begins to cry, and then it becomes apparent she’s missing an arm.

There was a creepypasta about kidnapped Noyt sisters, and, allegedly, one of the sisters called Barbara had her hand cut off by a maniac, and this video was made right before the murder. This story was debunked pretty quickly, however, let’s tell everything in order.

There’s a more realistic version: this is an iterview with an asylum patient, the BIID caption in the beginning of the fourth part and the missing arm confirming this theory. BIID stands for Body Integrity Identity Disorder. According to this theory, girl herself had cut her arm off, thinking it was “unneсessary”.

This creepypasta’s investigation got stuck in a dead end and didn’t progress until this time. However, a third part of the video, previously considered to be “lost”, was discovered. It had somewhat better sound than the other parts, and people were able to understand words of gratitude at the end of the video, directed to people liking her photos and videos. That led to a new version – maybe she’s not a mental patient, afer all, but simply a model or someone similar?

After this, few Barbie’s photos were discovered – let’s call her Barbie for simplicity. According to devotees (people attracted to amputee women are called devotees), these photos were published in a major devotee magazine, however the name wasn’t mentioned. There was a letter written to the founder of one of the magazines, and he told us everything he remembered, but we’ll get back to that later. Also, lots of different people were interviewed – regular people, devotees, journalists, founders, and many many others.

The current situation appears to be as such:

Girl’s real name is Sharon, she also has aliases Tammy and Becky.

Approximate birth date – 1976-1980, she was around 19-22 during the filming.

In the age of 12 (time period: mid June 1987- mid July 1992) she lost her arm after putting a towel into the washing machine. During those years opening the lid didn’t automatically turn the machine off, so the machine blades pulled the towel inside and literally ripped the girl’s hand off. She was in surgery for around four hours.

After the operation girl’s parents were spoiling her: they bought her a school bag that she has dreamed about and made a swimming pool in the backyard so the girl had a healthy self-esteem but this attempt has failed.

Maybe this tragedy was the reason of her parents’ divorce, because in the interview the girl mentioned it. Quote: “Now my parents separated”.

Apparently Barbie was unable to finish the school after the trauma, because during the filming she didn’t strike anyone as bright, she was badly educated and spoke like a small-minded teenager, which makes sense – she could’ve mentally remained being a 12 year old girl. She was also really worried about her income, quote: “…she was worried she’s going to end up working only as a caretaker or a companion and make minimum wage salary.”

At the moment of the interview she already recovered physically, but struggled on an emotional level. She was married, confirmed by the wedding ring on her finger.

Date of filming – 1998-1999, proven by:

1)Her singing “Barbie Girl” in the third part, quote: “I’m a stumpy girl, in a stumpy world”. The song was out only in 1997.

2)The magazine founder has mentioned watching the interview for the first time in 1998-1999.

There’s a logical question – what’s the deal with the date (4.10.1989) at the end of the video? Apparently, Barbie’s interview was recorded over some other video, because in the end of the video there’s a weird word sounding like the word “swastika”. And it’s doubtful somebody would hide this interview from the founder, who, by the way, was receiving recommendations for Barbie as a model for 9-10 years straight.

After 1999 her fate is unknown.

The investigation is not going to stop, people are being questioned and letters are being written in hopes of somebody being able to recognize her.

We can only hope for a positive outcome.