Broadcast on Strashnoradio from March 9, 2017

CH-Chernyak, ” Chief of the Barbie investigation”
M-Maria Zakharova, the host.
CH: So, well… I learned about the Barbie.avi creepypasta circa 2011-2012, when I was still a snotty schoolboy surfing the Internet in search of some such fascinating story and I came across, looked at three parts, read the creepypasta, and that’s it. In fact, tickled my nerves a little and forgot about it for five years. In March-April of the past (2016) year, I came across the video flynnflytaggart (Gosh, what a nickname), in his series of, you can say, documentaries “Internet Nightmares”, where Barbie was mentioned. There, he noticed that this is one of his favorite creepypasta, because both versions — about the Noyt sisters and about finding the system block – they both were connected with each other. And again, here is such a halo of mystery hovered over this video, because this inscription, ‘’BIID’’, which sent anons on a wild goose chase, in search of an unknown mental patient in one of the American clinics, and of course, nothing was found. So, I was so impressed with her that I ended up having dreams about her at night, and I ended up trying to investigate it on my own for the first time, but of course I didn’t succeed, because I also followed the wild goose chase of the psycho. Naturally, this is a wild goose chase, I did not find anything, in the end, I was so impressed that I wanted to order a picture with Barbie, but in the end, nothing went further than a survey of familiar artists, and by the summer that wasn’t interesting to me anymore.
M: Well, creepypasta is very interesting, but you can find similar ones on the Internet, also covered with a halo of mystery, and tell me, please, what are the first steps that helped you advance in the investigation..?
СH: the First step was that I returned to this accurate at the end of October 2016, I began to look for new materials. Yes, in the end, we found another, like a lost third part, I became interested again, began to try to look for something, and eventually came across a thread on 2ch, where somebody has already tried to conduct an investigation. And somewhere, in my opinion, in the first days of November, one of the Anons sent a photo with a Barbie… the very first one, which was in the announcement. And in the end, it was decided to gather in the team in the telegram, and to start an investigation. Various versions have already started to be worked out there, magazines are being worked out, editors, a lot of people. And since December 1, 2016, I still decided to create a community, to file the first post, because I saw how some group… I don’t even remember, in my opinion, it was in the “Troika” at first, this information from 2ch, that someone already published this information, and I wanted to be the first, and created a community, wrote the first post. Well, Demetrius saw this post, did I pronounce it correctly?
M: Yes, that’s correctly.
CH: Here, Demetrius saw it, reposted to his group, well, and I began to record podcasts.
M: Well, that’s where I found out about the investigation. I also saw this post a long time ago, maybe 5 years ago, when these videos were made. Well, Yes, it was creepy, but since there wasn’t much information, it didn’t go any further either. I know that you had interruptions in your investigation, what made you come back again and again, looking for new ways, new information?
CH: Well, I and the anons regularly tried to find ways. But, so it turned out that we, let’s say, we wrote to ten people, eight answered that we know nothing, and then all of a sudden, these two people were responding, that they knew a person who knew a person who knew a person who knew Barbie. A very long way, of course, but still, this is some kind of promotion, I was inspired, I wrote a podcast again, collected literally any mention of Barbie, any most microscopic information. Like this.
M: When you were conducting the investigation, what was the most difficult stage for you? At what point did you think the investigation would end?
CH: There were two moments — when we interviewed the editor of one of the magazines in which Barbie could be in and he said that…well “None of your business.” That’s when I thought that was it. And the second moment was in January, after the New Year, when there was no information at all, and people to whom we wrote did not respond, or ignored, or replied that they did not know anything. The most difficult part of this investigation was working directly with people, because Devotee is a fetish(and Devotee are people who are attracted to amputees), well, it is not forbidden, but it is condemned, I would say.
M: Well, Yes, it’s like some kind of deviation.
CH: Yes. That’s why these people weren’t very eager to share information, and what if I was the FBI, what if I ratted on them to the police, all sorts of things happen. This is the most difficult part. Working with people was the hardest part.
M: Were you satisfied with these results?
CH:What I have at the moment is the full video, Yes, but the investigation…
M: Are You going to try to find out more about this topic?
CH: Yes , because…Actually, now the investigation itself is entering a new, final stage, when it is necessary to identify Barbie, find out who she is, because for us, she remains just Barbie, Sharon, Tammy, Becky — four names, it’s horrible. Well, even… now, however, we have decided her real name, because her name is most likely Tammy, it was mentioned there in the interview, it is the fourth video’s name, it is in a creepypast with a terrible sound quality, but the name was able to hear. It is necessary in the end to find out her name, if we are not mistaken. Fate of this research and Barbie also interesting.
M: Well, of course, she is a very beautiful girl, if you look closely. What has happened to her? What has she been doing all her life? And very interestingly, what motivated the person who made this video – in fact, quite normal – into? What do you think?
CH: They were downloaded, I will say so, by that period, 2009, if I am not mistaken, that’s about 2008-2009 when creepypasta moved to the Russian segment of YouTube and the Internet in general. And so, I think he decided to create creepypasta. I am also suspect that he is a Devotee, because this video was found by us on the limited source,on the open Internet it never appeared, well, whether or not certain people have it on cassettes, maybe it is still gathering dust somewhere. That’s it, this person needed to edit this video properly, somewhere to slow down the video. So he is a Devotee.
M: It would be interesting to know who Barbie is. How do you think if Barbie found out about her popularity on the Internet how would she react?
CH: I think it’s / noise /. She was not the most popular model. A popular model, for example, the wife of the editor of one of the magazines, she was filmed for 20 years, and with Barbie there was only one photo set and these videos. She wasn’t very popular – just a regular model.
M: Well, Yes.
CH: She has forgotten about it a long time ago, and then…
A: And here are people don’t sleep at night, search for information and people. Let’s go over the names of the people who helped you with your investigation.
CH: Here are three of the most active: Tyler, Nikita, he wrote me a couple of times stories and stuff about the killer from 4chan. He did most of the translations into English. I just wrote these letters to people, and he translated them. Sherlock, my namesake, by the way, Ivan, he can also be said to be the engine of such an investigation, because he always appeared with new material, every appearance was provided with a message that “I found another person who might know Barbie” and so on. Max found us when… It was December, I added him, he helped us to translate, and so on. They are the guys who were at the very beginning, who also made a certain contribution, but now, unfortunately, many of them are inactive: Nubkor, Vovan, Tests, Red Pepal. Nabcor in particular, too… I think he found that picture of Barbie with a Curling iron, where she must be about 16 years old, I think he found this. The others also took part, someone worked instead of Tyler or Sherlock when they couldn’t, so thank you, again, to all of you / noise / I wouldn’t be talking to you right now, and I wouldn’t be on the air, and there wouldn’t be out team.
M: So, let’s say thank you to all who took part in the investigation. Tell me, Ivan, are you going to continue your work on the investigation or you have something in mind, some new projects?
CH: We have the idea to investigate some other creepypastas, with the same team, because we get along
M: That’s great
CH: Well, Yes, I’m not shy to say, but in the meantime, I got there / noise / make an encyclopedia about creepypastas, I would write there, let’s say, a Chapter about Barbie, but I need to finish with Barbie, because… to bring it to the end, who is she, and so on, and then we will see, because there is no longer so much for / noise /, because, I think, I will continue mywork, I do not want to stop only on Barbie.