Audio podcast from January 21, 2019

Hi! Today we are sharing the latest results and discussing future plans in a podcast format. Since January 2019, we have tried to attract people: we have written to YouTube bloggers under videos and sent emails to them. Then we have created a channel for communication in Discord, but no one has responded… Until! At the same time we worked with old materials, for example, we are trying to restore the contacts with Susan Abbott and with members of similar agencies who communicated with Barbie; finally, we recovered the video. Now we could hear something. We searched for information on the file sharing site with the original source. Should we go to the United States to search?! So, find her trial, there will not be easier, and it can be even more difficult, than through the Internet… Michael Rounds, to whom we wrote 2 years ago, could tell Barbie about this, and she just lay low. Of course, there is a lot of work ahead, Ivan Chernyak was with you today, and we will see you soon!