Podcast from December 1, 2016

So, what’s currently known about so-called Barbie?
Anons from 2.ch (a Russian imageboard) have found her photos and contacted their owners, learning such information as:

Hypothetical name – Tammy/Becky

She was filmed at one of the photo studios specializing on amputees. Photoshoot occured, probably, in 1989, based on Barbie’s (let’s call her that for simplicity’s sake) clothes, background + date of the video (4.10.1989)

There also was a response from a creator of one of those magazines, according to whom the girl’s name is Sharon, she was around 22 when recorded (which means 1967-68 DOB), and lost her hand as a result of a washing machine accident (she got her arm literally ripped off by the machine blades) at 12 years of age.

Sharon was barely educated and spoke like a small-minded half-educated teenager, which makes sense – apparently, she remained being a 12 year old girl mentally, although that didn’t stop her from marrying.

During filming she recovered physically but still struggled on an emotional level.

After the filming Sharon dissapeared and nothing was heard about her.